SOI (SD) claims to come to the rescue of students going on Nainital trip


Claiming to have rescued students from the “profit driven” trip to Nainital organised by the student’s council, SOI has made allegations on the currently in power SDCU+SDHU. Acting as the whistle blower, SOI according to their Facebook page went to the Principal and asked him to address the issue.
SOI have compared the prices of the trip that SGGS College took to the same destination on November 1. The difference in price was 1000 bucks more in comparison to SGGS.
SOI acted on this and have since then asked the principal to take a considerable action. They claim principal sir has agreed to their demands and now the students will be rewarded with a safari to Jim Corbett worth rupees 700 and the rest 300 will be refunded after the trip. This now makes the cost 4200 instead of 4500.
In relation to this the current Secretary of the student council Lakhvinder Singh said, “The whole scene is based on falsehood and what they claim to have done was pre organised, the safari is a main attraction when you visit Jim Corbett and we included it beforehand.
Speaking on the issue of price difference between the trips that went from SGGS he said, “You will witness a variety of differences in the quality standards here. We took a trip two years back when we were in power in 4300 and now after two years it is 4500 I don’t believe it is quite a lot.” He added “there were a few of the SOI party members who came to register for the trip after we had reached our desired 150 student mark we refused to take them and hence the whole state of affairs occurred.”

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