SOI Becomes the Voice of B.COM Students in GGDSD


Bridging the gap between the management and the students, SOI party of GGDSD College is taking various steps, going as far as to the management of the college with applications citing the woes of students. 


GGDSD College is the prime institute for commerce in tricity, but its students are greatly troubled by the long duration of classes every day. They have back to back classes and don’t get a relief from their timetable, with some having lectures from 8a.m. in the morning to 2p.m. in the afternoon.

Citing this, the president of SOI, Iqbalpreet Singh Thakkar took an application with the signatures of the students of the B.Com section, requesting the management to grant them at least 15-20 minutes between the time table. This, if implemented, will greatly help them; allowing students to grab a quick bite and drink amidst their studies.
Some hours later, they were at the door of the Principal yet again. Not leaving any stone unturned and helping the students in their studies as well,SOI took up the problem of the blackboard of B.Com Section 3E and raised the issue in front of the management, having signatures of the students of the same section. The blackboard of the class is unfeasible and it becomes almost impossible for the teacher to write or for the back-benchers to see.
Certainly, contesting parties this year are trying their best to woo the students, to vote for them and make them student leaders in the campus.

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