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Photography- Shubhangi Singh (MCM College 36)

An interactive session on ‘Social Media and Online Marketing’ was held in MCM DAV College on 19th January, 2016. The occasion was graced by Ms. Vibha Sharma, an IT expert and journalist for The Tribune, who also told the students about the benefits and uses of social media like blogs, websites, apps etc. 


She explained how media is not only an informal source of interaction among various people, but also a platform to share and sell ideas and support businesses. She also told how awareness is being and can be created among people about significant topics through using the social networks.


Also, quite a number of movements have been initiated with the help of this platform like ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to promote the awareness of the ASL disease; The Ugly Indian: Kaam Chalu Munh Band and Child Sexual Abuse Awareness. She rightly spoke in this regard and I quote, “Empowerment comes from knowledge.” And surely, knowledge can effectively be spread through social media! She also made the audience know that 55% of people take further action on social causes, when encouraged to do so through this mean of media.

Thereafter she introduced the students to digital marketing as a convenient, cost effective, measurable source of publicity online and the media that provides a sense of control to consumers. For someone aspiring to start an E marketing business, Ms. Sharma suggested the following tips:

  • Go where your customers are
  • Put a relevant title that comes up quickly in a search
  • Your website or blog should be as dynamic as possible
  • Keep updating the information

She listed many ways of promoting the products online, such as Search Engine Marketing, Google Adwords,Banner ads on other websites, mobile app ads etc. She advised potential online marketers to utilize multi channel marketing by using all sources available online, whether blogs,websites, apps, Facebook or Twitter.

Lastly, the students were informed about the important success factors that google takes into account for ranking the website. These being:

1.On-page factors: Key word in title, description, length of content, duplicacy, image optimization etc.

2.Off-page factors: Number of linking domains, number of linking pages etc.

3.URL factors: Keyword used

Ultimately, the session was a one-on-one experience of learning from the mistakes of the reputed IT expert, Ms. Vibha Sharma.

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Mihul Narad (MCM College 36)
Mihul Narad
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