So I was talking ’bout aura


“The electromagnetic field that surrounds the body.”


“ A supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual.”

Okay, I was just going to tell you in the beginning but then I thought, it’s a powerful word, it needs grand attention and classy vocab to adorn its meaning. So here it is, I am talking about ‘AURA’. And revealing it here only that I have nothing intellectual to say about it. I am just a regular pen-lover, here with an aura that almost craving badly to picture something around this holy-aura-word, AURA.

I feel everything in this world has an aura. But what is aura? I mean it’s been coming here in the piece again and again, aura, aura, and aura! Damn. Well. This is also the aura.

Energy. Energy of anything. Say for a sec like, perceiving any energy of this article or the writer? Ha-ha! Okay. Aura is you, aura is your sheen. Aura is your hormonal, mental, spiritual, physical and everything’s well being. Your energy can be as delightful as a crispy roasted chicken and can be as pricky and irritating as the brinjal-bharta.

Some people are magnetic, like their energy, the personality is so humongously moving that it replaces your cerebellum with your medulla oblongata and then the displacements continue. Mostly we perceive vibes, vibes like the first rays that come out of an individual and get processed in our minds. Slowly the vibes come together to form aura and then we all get deeper into it.

Generally, like generally, something jazzy also creates aura. Someone beautiful, clad in class brands, yes that also gets the aura word intact. And does it happen with you all too? I love people reading around with high buns, and fashionable geeks or someone different. I don’t know but anything holding the guts to stand a little different threads an aura that is bound to entangle your attention. Now the aspects, positive or negative. I can’t decide that. You know why! Because you are you and I am someone else. You decorate and place values in your mind in a different fashion so naturally I too follow the same thing.

It’s like interesting to know about someone without knowing him actually. Now that’s not judgement. That’s just a speck of intuition or idea or vibe that we cook by inhaling the fragrance of an individual. We all have friends. Have you ever analysed your best friend’s aura! We can do it. Cause its DAMN CRAZY. Have you ever looked into the aura of your mother? It’s GODLY. Because she’s your mother and that’s why you are here, reading this shit.

I’ll say one thing, I am not going to unravel my journey of experiences here, but yes beneath the epithelium, inside the cardiac, deeper in the cerebrum, down in the stomach and rooted inside the body lies who? YOU! So I mean meeting first and stating the aura can be a little difficult, cause man, we are these reflections of our own state. I don’t say it’s completely true what I say. There are studies on this, there is a great pack of knowledge on this majestic word. What I want to say that aura is a deep process.

So why not build auras now? Let’s make personalities.

And the fact is, divinity of such topics undresses itself gradually with time and experiences. My pen had the urge to babble about it, it did. Now what’s up? Any new energy surrounding? Any aura?

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Roshni Ahuja (MCM College 36)

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