‘Smash That Love All’ gave a smashing push to the dreams of underprivileged


Pictures by Shaurya Dahiya (MCM College 36)

Working for the promotion of art, culture and sports among the youth, an NGO ‘Shabash Globians’ held the pillars of success in sports for many underprivileged, by organizing a two-day badminton tournament ‘Smash That Love All’ in GMSSS, Sector 23 on April 30th and May 1st, 2016.

Recognized and supported by Badminton World Federation (BWF), the tournament was an attempt to enhance the career opportunity for those who possess talent, but no resource.

Following bi-weekly interactive sessions for a period of 2 months straight, the participants finally showed their skills on both the days of tournament.


Day 1: April 30th

Nothing could beat the opening ceremony wherein the Chief Guest, Mr. Amit Talwar (ADC, Chandigarh administration) played a match with his daughter and marked the tournament open for the matches. This was followed by a message by the Head of BWF and an introductory match between two male national players. As the matches between the participants started, one could see their determination to win the title. Some were strong, some were weak, some cried, some enjoyed. But finally, it was a match that brought them together in it all.


Day 2: May 1st

The second day started with the enthusiastic volunteers waiting and preparing for the kids arrival. With the final match coming close, the event was more heartbreaking and more soothing at the same time, than the first day.


Second day chief guest, Dr. Sarita Malik (HCS) came soon after the matches got over, except one i.e. the ‘Girls Under-15 Finals’ which was a tough fight. To show the audience what a real match is like, two female national players, Daman R and Jasmine R played against each other without leaving any chance for the kids and the guests, than to clap. Soon after there was the prize distribution ceremony that saw the cheering voices of the spectators, participants as well as the volunteers. The Guest of Honor distributed the prizes to the winners, runner-ups, the hard-workers, and the volunteers. The winner not only claimed one year scholarship as promised by Shabash Globians, but also earned hearts of the spectators.

The day ended with a photo session, where all the kids took photos together with their respective volunteers and also their opponents. Though the kids departure made everybody sad, the cries didn’t remain for long. There were happy faces in the buses, appreciating the efforts and cherishing the friends that were made.

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