Slowest Racer To Win the PU CUP


The increase in traffic is evident that the people of Chandigarh are quite enthusiasts about un-match-able driving skills and showing off their glamorous cars. The traffic has increased by more than 40% in the last few years and is increasing on daily basis. Though the traffic has increased but it has had no real effect on the average speed of a youngster, rather the speed has increased.

Looking at the enthusiasm level of its students, PU in support of its affiliated colleges has decided to organise a car-race namely, The PU CUP and a cash award of 1,00,000 Bogus Rupees. The race will take place in the University itself, on 15th of July that is this week’s Saturday. But there is a little twist, unlike other races, the one finishing first won’t get the first place but will get the last place. Yes, you read it right. The driver finishing last will be the ultimate winner.

To book a seat in the race please visit the administrative block of the Panjab University and use the code word – “Mein car dheere chalaunga”. Causalities due to road accidents has become a major concern for the city it needs to be checked otherwise the day isn’t far enough that people will start fearing roads more than a gun or a knife.
So, are you ready to show off, I would rather say, not to show off the furiousness in you?

Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our Thursday section of believably fake news. Since childhood we have been told to drive slow and safe, somehow it has become a myth. Hence, trying to give a reason to drive slow and let others live peacefully.

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Dipesh Jindal (DAV College 10)

Dipesh Jindal
(DAV College 10)

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