Skirt ban rumors FAKE!


Amidst much uproar from the youth of the city, the ‘rumored’ skirt ban in the city was welcomed with heaps of disapproval. Thankfully, the ban has been proven to be what it was, just a rumor. What had been termed as an anti-national move, an attack on social freedom and yet another case of moral policing, the fake news, first circulated by The Times of India, later to be caught up by other established media houses including Zee News and Huffpost, the move to ban ‘seditious and scantily clad women from entering in Chandigarh discotheques’ has been finally rubbished.

None other than the UT Administration itself has put down their foot on the issue, easing the outrage. “We have not banned miniskirts. No such dress code has been prescribed in the policy framed by the Chandigarh administration recently,” said Home Secretary of the Union Territory, Anurag Agarwal.

On further research, it has been found out that all the reports are based on what has been nicknamed Chandigarh’s “Disco Policy”, officially called: “Controlling Places of Public Amusement 2016“, to “maintain law and order situation”.
Obviously the policy has been misinterpreted and misread, leading to the confusion.
All arguments stem from point ‘h’ in the policy,

“Any exhibition or advertisement whether by way of posters or in the newspapers, photographs of scantily dressed women. “

The point talks about exhibition of scantily dressed women via print media, and in no way indicates to scantily dressed women themselves. Plus since when did the term scantily dressed became synonymous to skirts?
Such an incident, of circulation of altered information that is, points at nothing but sheer incompetence and a deliberate attempt to manufacture spicy, outrage worthy headlines by contemporary media sources.

While people and celebrities (Kirron Kher and Gul Panag, over twitter) keep fighting for a non-existent bone, we can firmly conclude that this is a case of data misinterpretation, and for the time being, there is no skirt ban in Chandigarh in effect.

Personal freedom prevails yet another day.


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