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Siyaahi is a not-for-profit initiative by Yellow Cursor. Siyaahi’16 was launched in collaboration with the Government Museum and Art Gallery,Chandigarh, presented by Camlin, driven by Eicher Motors to inform and inspire people about the cultural, intellectual, and creative importance of handwriting.

Siyaahi aspired to bring students, teachers, parents and schools on a common platform and keep the art of handwriting alive.

From an overwhelming participation of close to 12,000 participants from 7 schools, 156 participants were shortlisted for the second round which took place on 23rd January on account of the World Handwriting Day. The event took place at Bal Bhawan, Sector-23 B, Chandigarh.


A workshop on the Science of Handwriting was conducted by Ms. Anjali Aggarwal, Ms. Navneet Dhillon and Mr. Anand Sharma, all distinguished faculties from the Government College of Art, Chandigarh. The workshop talked about Alphabet Formations, Loops, Lines, Slant, Curves, Angles, Surface, Instruments, the right muscles, and much more, providing valuable tips on how to master the art of handwriting.


The Round 2 of Camlin Siyaahi ’16 gave participants from seven different schools an opportunity to make new friends and showcase the best of their handwriting in an inter-school competition. 24 best handwritings across 8 categories were selected as the winning entries.


The Art of Handwriting was a power-packed, awe-inspiring session with Mr. Achyut Ramachandra Palav – India’s best calligrapher. He delved into a detailed demonstration of his styles, techniques with multiple tools, learnings and experience as a successful artisan and missionary propagating the beautiful art of Calligraphy.


For everyone present, the finale took their breath away. On two paper rolls of 30 feet, Mr. Palav displayed yet another stupendous piece of work. With brushes, wipers, colors and syringes, he filled the canvas with many a ‘Whoa!’ moments. Everyone got a chance to leave their mark on the paper.


Today, technology has a hold over our lives and has become increasingly integrated into our daily lives because of which the traditional act of handwriting has somewhat been forgotten. This initiative by Siyaahi was a step towards its revival.


Kudos to the Siyaahi team for putting up such a wonderful event. Their act of acknowledging the World Handwriting Day and giving it such a colorful potrayal surely provides inspiration to everyone out there to keep the essence of handwriting alive.


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