Sita: Through The Eyes of Her Mother


*The Goddess Earth narrating the story of her unfortunate daughter- Sita*

There she stood, her eyes riveted on me with folded hands, and said with a cry, “If Rama has always been in my heart then my mother may deliver me. If I have been only true to Rama, entirely; mind, body and soul then my mother may deliver me. If I have loved none but Rama then my mother may deliver me.”

I couldn’t bear her dejected cry anymore. I opened my arms and let her in. Let her in her mother again; liberate her from the rarely joyous life she lived; liberate her from all the allegations which the world and her husband had accused her of.

I am Goddess Bhumi (Goddess Earth), mother of an unfortunate daughter- Sita. Yes, my daughter Sita, who is depicted as an ideal woman and worshipped as the ‘Adi Shakti of Lord Vishnu’, is an unfortunate wife, an unfortunate mother, an unfortunate queen and an unfortunate daughter. “Why am I so unfortunate?” is what she never asked, neither from me nor herself. Her life was full of hardships, not even a single phase was less miserable.

I still remember the day she was born. She sat there in my hands decorated with lotus. As Janak, the king of Mithila, passed near my daughter ploughing the field, he saw her and adopted her. She brought fortune to the region as the land which was barren became fertile, the river which had dried up started flowing again, the king who was unhappy was happy now. He named her Sita, after the goddess of fertility. As she grew, Janak took care of the daughter. He served her like his own. She grew into a very gorgeous woman, while so it happened that Janak organised a ‘swayamvara’ for her. When she met Rama, the very charismatic and charming prince of Ayodhya, he won the swayamvara as well as the heart of Sita.

Now my daughter was going to be the queen of Ayodhya, she was now going to receive what she deserved. But destiny had something else planned for her. Rama’s father, king of Ayodhya, asked Rama to leave for an exile of fourteen years as he was bound by a promise made to his wife.

Rama didn’t ask anything or cross-questioned his father and left for the exile. My daughter, performing her duties and her undying love for her husband, renounced the comforts of the palace and joined Rama and Lakshmana. My daughter was none other than an unfortunate queen who had to live in forest for fourteen years whereas she deserved the comfort of the castle. But this never bothered her as she was with the man who meant the world to her, the man whom she loved from all her heart.

As time passed Sita’s life started to come back on the trail of happiness. Thirteen years had passed, just another year was left. The trio was now happy as their hardships will come to an end and they can go back to their family but they never imagined that this last year would be the toughest for them.

Ravana, the asura king of Lanka, abducted Sita while Rama and Lakshmana were out in the forest for hunt. Ravana tried to fascinate my daughter, he offered her to be his queen but she stood there courageously fighting with him and declining all his proposals. Ravana sent many asura to confront my daughter, but look at how charismatic she was that they changed their side and became devoted to Sita.

Sita was overwhelmed by the news that Rama had defeated Ravana, that she will now be able to meet her beloved Rama, after a long year. But all her happiness faded off when Rama, the purest souls of all, questioned her purity! Rama, who owned her heart, who always loved her, who fought with the entire army of Asuras, was now questioning my daughter’s purity, what could be more dreadful? She was broken, even after waiting for a year she couldn’t touch his hand. But she was ready to give any proof that her purity was not any lesser than that of a year ago.

She, without questioning her husband’s trust, without worrying about the consequences, threw herself into fire. Bearing all the pain, all the burns she came out changing the fire to a bunch of lotus flowers, proving to the world that she was pure as ever. This is how my daughter was, fearless to perform her duties and to show that she belonged to none but Rama. She endured all the pain without complaining or questioning Rama’s love for her. She was an ideal but unfortunate wife.

After spending 14 years in exile she, her beloved husband and her brother-in-law came back to Ayodhya. The place was decorated like for a grand event. Every single house was lit with love and happiness. It seemed that happiness was no more a foe of my daughter. She being declared as the queen was followed by the news that she was going to be a mother. Her happiness was immeasurable. This is what a lady waits for her entire life, to be a mother. Not even Rama but whole Ayodhya was flattered by the news.

Not much time had passed and Rama decided send Sita for another exile when she was pregnant and needed him the most. She was broken, this was the time when Rama, her husband should have stood by her and ignored what people said. This was the time when Rama needed to support his wife and perform all his duties. But what he did was abandoned her. Without questioning her husband or saying anything, she went on the exile for what she never did. She took refuge in Valmiki’s hermitage and gave birth to twin – Luva and Kusha. Both the sons meant world to her now. She taught them on her own, she performed all the duties of a mother as well as a father. She had only one regret that her sons could not get their father’s love, so she spent rest of her life to unite her sons and her husband. And after their union she shut the cruel world and took engulfed into me. She couldn’t even see her sons grow properly. What an unfortunate mother she was.

This is how she was. She always performed all her duties, always loved to the fullest, always proved what she said but never asked anything in return.

Sita was not just a daughter, wife and mother, she was also a sage. She quietly watched how the society and cultural values take on her husband and she ends up being the victim. My daughter silently observed how people judged her silence as weakness, her misfortune as her impurity, her love as her duty. She has the capacity to bear all the consequences of any situation. She was impeccable. She was a fighter.

No one can be like my daughter; no can ever try to live a life like that of my daughter; no one can ever dare to love like my daughter did, because she was my daughter, Sita.

But my dearest Sita lives in every women today. Sita is, who isn’t treated the way she should be. Sita is, who is unjustly seen as the reason for the corruption of Ravana, or the many Ravanas today that blame her for their actions. Sita is, who is questioned. Sita is, the one who really burns when an effigy of Ravana is burnt. Countless Sitas that I let in, every day.

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