Singh not so Bling.

Singh is Bling Review
Singh is Bling is the perfect case of what could have been or what almost was a movie where you let go of your thinking skills, lay back with popcorn in your hand and then watch the movie. It has some great ideas but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.
This movie should be renamed to Kaur is King(In sequence to Singh is King). Amy Jackson is in the lead role here and the centre of the story line is that the ‘Singh’ is supporting her.
For the major part of the movie, the plot revolves around Amy. There are rare moments when she takes a backseat and Akshay Kumar gets a chance to take part in the action.Those are the moments which actually justify the “Singh” in the title.
Amy does a wonderful job.Her action sequences are legit. The choreography is excellent and the martial arts moves that are used make her a legitimate badass in the movie. It is good to see a strong female lead in a big Bollywood. Kudos to the scriptwriter for writing a good female personifying script.
The movie handles the sub plots quiet well, with there being a mini villain and lost mother in the plot. It all branches out and connects eventually!
⭕️AMY JACKSON,this lady stole the show.From her acting, to her outfits, from her Charasmatic beauty, to her bold action sequences ,there is nothing that you ought to miss !
⭕️The spree of never ending PJs(Poor Jokes) which surprisingly make you laugh !
⭕️And last but not the least,the PRABHU DEVA effect- Vivacious, Vivid and Vibrant.
❌We dont remember hearing of SIB as a Musical!Or do we ?PU Mirror warns the viewers that almost an hour of the movie is filled with Fugly SONGS.ONLY.
No Bling For Singh-Yes,Akki is no Bling ,infact apparently he cant even shop in showrooms for himself.
❌No one really asked for  “Lara Dutta” in the picutre !
❌Singh is Bling tries hard but brings nothing new ,its Same,Old,Repetitive,Loose,Lost !
They tried to copy the trend in Hollywood to make a psychopathic villain but the script and the acting here is just not up to the level to make it look menacing. Hopefully we can see a few more characters in the future with better execution.
Our verdict is that you’ll have a good time but don’t expect any wonders from it. Also, you might see less of Singh than you expected.
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