Silence – An Unheard Innocence


They say they rape after getting a gaze of the outfit worn by the female counterpart… but what would be one’s reaction after having a glimpse on the today’s headline which stated 8 Month Old Raped Allegedly By Cousin In Delhi, Needed Three-Hour Surgery.


“The truth that I once knew

deep seated long ago in my memory 

glimpse of it still shivers my body 

I still remember my own cries and woes.

In the dark filthy storage of my own garage.

The blood stained clothes

My hair more tangled than my own thoughts

scratches on my nudeness.

It not only tore my hymen 

but my inner self esteem too.

Blood boiled in my arteries 

because this is not how I imagined 

to loose my virginity.

Hungry strangers staring at my nakedness 

thinking as if I’m a piece of meat.

Tears shed down my pupils .

The seedling that bloom in the mothers womb

to fly high till the limits of the sky 

was seeing the grey shades and 

contused with shatterness.

Ogling of the strangers eyes 

torturing of their hands on my 

undisturbed parts.

Leaving me with nothing but 

weakness all around.

Using me as his personal slave

and then destroying my eternity 

with deadly remarks on my shattered body.

Now I will fight back because 

I am not a whore

I am not easily available and 

especially not your beach’s shore.

You faded my virginity but not me 

You faded my esteem but not my pride

You faded my body but not my soul.

And I shall rise again from the 

ashes of my own.

And I shall fly high till the limitless sky

And I shall punish you

Not from bars behind 

but let karma do its job…”


Section 375 of The Indian Penal Code explicitly defines the hard core definition of rape and in the definition itself the first condition that has to be proved is Against her will but what would anyone comment upon the will of an eight month old innocent baby who has not yet spoken up her first word and what she experienced was such brutality. A tender little kid who felt the worst agony in her initial stage of her life and the expression was just silence with a pool of blood surrounding her vagina. A vagina that was not even fully developed had already lost its virginity.

Delhi, our so called national capital, the heart of our Bharat and right now every Indian is ashamed of what happened to that innocent soul in our so called Nation. Should we be proud of it or shall we revolt.  She was kept in the care of a relative in the building as her parents had to go out for work but they never realized the darkness that was shadowing upon that tender soul. The fact that the rapist was a father himself is a shame on our humanity where daughters have no protection under a roof called home.


About the Author:

Apoorva (Zahyr) (UILS, PU)

Zahyr, a pen name that defines how to express. Just being a writer won’t define me because I believe to make a difference amongst the millions. Only one theory would describe me… Work untill you no longer need to introduce yourself… For the others I am Apoorva studying law at Panjab University, Chandigarh.


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