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From being the President of Rotaract Club to securing the fourth position in the Panjab University and further being a graduate from Oxford, this alumna of MCM DAV College has left no stone unturned to add to her achievements! Catch up with what she has to say…

~Tell us something about your MCM journey?

Well, I must say it was a roller coaster ride. On one side, I had people who were on full power support with me and on the other hand, people who were always there to drag me down. But I chose to focus on the brighter side. My teachers were the one who were always there for me and I owe my success to them. I know some people say that MCM has few opportunities but I must clear their doubt. MCM is full of such chances, you just need to open your eyes and grab each one.

~So was being an archaeologist always your dream?

Yes! From the very first day of my college, I knew that I wanted to be an archaeologist. So I did everything that would add to my score and get me closer to my dream. And here I am today living what I dreamt of!

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