Shosha café and bar – A home away from home!


As the mercury soars high this season, it’s time to gear up the bucket list with some cool cafés in town.

Located right at the heart of the city, the Shosha café and bar is the first retro café and bar of Chandigarh. It has set an example of the real spirit of Chandigarh and err Punjabis in terms of mesmerizing imagination, creativity, food and beverages to comfort the visitors of every mood and company. Perfect for everyone, from a solo traveler to a ladies kitty party, Shosha is one of the most impeccable places in the city.
The hardcore experience of Shosha lies in the aesthetically painted walls, the Vespa scooter shaped seats, the vintage car bonnet and not to forget, the kissing booth!

The Shosha café and bar is certainly not the place where you can only go once, it has all the adrenaline rush you need; owing to the in house Dj, live band performances in the evening and the world cup screenings.

Although the menu has not really worked on replacing the conventional menu at the other cafés, but the repertoire of the appetizers is not just enticing, but is also myriad with healthy ingredients. From the good old nimbu paani, to the chillers, smoothies, shakes and soft beverages, Shosha has a variety of drinks to satisfy your cravings and to keep the afternoon sneeze away. Even if you have a sweet tooth, you could consider the vast variety of deserts on the menu.

As the orange sun dawns low in the sky, Shosha turns into a visual treat. Entailing under the fairy lights in the backyard, Shosha provides a perfect escape from the trivial routine of life. If positive aura and enthralling ambience is what entices you, then Shosha café and bar is certainly the heaven on earth for you.

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Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

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