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We are all aware of the shooting that took place at P.U on Friday evening. The story is no less interesting  than the trailer of a thriller movie.
Though the police investigation is still on; we have a compilation by our sources and of statements given by political parties.

It all began at the farewell of Fashion Department, where according to the SOI spokespersons , the PUSU members were creating chaos and were passing lewd comments at the girls at the fashion show .Now this started a  scuffle between  the two parties and they started hurling abuses at each other. However, police intervention settled the dispute and everybody dispersed.

According to the statement given by a PUSU spokespersons, after sometime, SOI members called Resham Godara ( an influential member of PUSU ) in front of the parking of boys hostel no 4 . He went  there with 2-3 people . Both the groups got into a heated argument which soon turned into firing from both the sides ( Investigation is on as to who started the firing ) .

Manpreet Aulakh ( SOI President of University ) got hit by a bullet in leg and was admitted to GMCH-16. Three prime suspects Resham Singh Godara , Naval deep and Susham Nunia, all of PUSU, are said to be behind the shooting.

PUSU spokespersons allege that Naval deep was not even present at the time of incident. According to them he was at his friend’s house at sector 19 and was there till 8:30 pm . The shooting had  happened around 7:35 pm . To prove the whereabouts of Naval on that day, they have the CCTV footage of Naval Deep as he leaves his friends house at 8.30pm.Navaldeep has been behind bars since the last 3 days. Resham Singh suffered from severe head injuries and was admitted in PGI.

Spokesperson from PUSU are claiming that all this is being done to defame their leaders. Naval deep – the face of PUSU party is wrongly being accused to bring down the image of the party.

However , they are not denying the charges of shooting. They say that if the charges against them proved to be true, they will officially apologise for everything happened and the culprits will be officially renounced from the party.
Yesterday, in a press conference, all the leading parties showed support for Naval deep and assured full support to PUSU party.

DISCLAIMER- All this is based on statements given to PU Mirror by members from PUSU. We do not support the claims made by an party. Only the complete police investigation can decide who is the real culprit and who is being victimized.

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