Shhhhhhhhhh!! Beware of Spooky Chandigarh


The wind was howling through the naked trees; branches snapping, dry leaves crunching, crackling under seemingly enormous boots running. Running at a frantic pace; running to escape the howls, the roars, the negative sparks of energy; running to escape the speed as it speeds up, the thunder as it yells louder than ever, cutting through the sky, cutting through his soul, the lighting as it flashes closer to the deafening thunder than ever before. Moaning, growling, and jolting as if a warning from the heavens above! The sly opens up and the rain comes cascading down with such force like never before. Such that the leaves scatter like bullets through a flock of doves. And all of this and a little girl on a creaking swing………. Seems to me like a perfect setting to a haunted location. Spooked already? Come, I’ll take you on a haunting spree across Chandigarh.


  • Panjab University:- If legend and the students of this famous varsity are to be believed, the trees near the Law Department and the Botanical Garden in the University campus are said to be haunted. Bats flying in and out of the trees are a common sighting and some mid night owls even report seeing apparitions post-midnight.

pu field

  • PGI Chandigarh:- Being one of the most renowned hospitals in North India, this hospital sees many deaths every day. An increasing number of haunted experiences have been reported here by the patients who claim that they feel negative energies around them. One such horrific incidence was when a large number of aborted foetuses kept in jars in a laboratory were found to have moved without any mortal indulgence.


  • Haunting Sati (Sector 39):- As folklore goes by, there is a small temple like structure in sector 39 that was supposedly built in remembrance of a lady who burnt herself on her husband’s funeral pyre. They say that the woman haunts anyone who bows or prays before this structure.


  • Sukhna Lake: – Over the years, this place has become a witness of many suicidal deaths by people plunging into its waters. At night this place gets really spooky and according to the locals, this place is said to be haunted by an evil spirit!


  • Cremation Ground: –A paranormal hotspot in sector 25, you might not want to venture close to this cremation ground at night until you are a hard-core ghost hunter. People report having eerie experiences and some also report the sightings of vague apparitions in the dead of the night.

cremation 1

  • Haunted Bridge: – On one of the busiest Margs of Chandigarh, there is a bridge on the way to General Hospital (Sector 16). People, especially patient attendants claim to have seen a girl donning an apron with a lamp in her hand moving up and down the bridge and when approached, seems to suddenly vanish in this air! If the sources are right, this girl was a practicing doctor and was hit by a speeding truck 20 years back. Her ghost still seems to haunt that place. SPOOKY, isn’t it?


  • Chandigarh Railway Guesthouse:- In the silence of the dark night, when you finally decide to call it a day and take a hot shower and retire, how will you feel if you have someone looming over you and peeping inside your bathroom. In one of the many rooms of the Chandigarh Railway Guest House, people have reported the same experience along with some claiming to hear noises and knocks and seeing doors open and close shut with no one in mortal sight having done so.


  • Kasauli Graveyard: – A lot of you late nighters might have planned a late night road trip up hills and towards Kasauli. Be careful the next time, for the Kasauli Graveyard is a popular paranormal hotspot in those beautiful hills of Himachal.


  • SavitriBaiPhule Hostel: – If you are a resident of SavitriBaiPhule Hostel in the Panjab University Campus and have not seen a ghostly activity, you seriously are lucky. Students have reported seeing apparitions around the hostel building. Some of them also report sighting a headless ghost from their hostel rooms roaming around the hostel lawns.


  • Haunted House (Sector 16):- A haunted house exists right in the middle of your city in Sector 16 that is said to be haunted by the spirit of a student who lived there and committed suicide some years back. Many report having seen the ghost of the boy but each has a different version as to how the boy looks.

haunted ho

Got spooked? I hope you enjoyed the journey of these spine chilling venues across your City Beautiful. So the next time you head out in the dead of the night, be careful! You never know who might be following you?

Disclaimer: This was a listing based on various reports and stories which may or may not be true and the authenticity of these reports aren’t guaranteed. Reader’s discretion is required.

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