How was the first day mother asked
Digesting that in UILS I was,
I Answered I had five years journey to embark.
Sprawling campus over which I drooled,
Had little to offer put me in gloom.
But the bag out of which I was born,
had clothed me in the power I adorn;
With self initiative as the key,
I set on a opportunity hunt spree
For I knew there was no elf
And I had to be hero for myself.
I saw others opinions as flea
All the strength I had summoned in me
helped me to pretend that glee
Struggling I accelerated with faith in thee
Unless one day I achieved that feat !

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Bhavya Gupta

Bhavya Gupta (UILS, PU Campus)

A zealous, compassionate lass. Ardent believer of karma takes the revenge, I love to write my heart out!


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