“When you educate a woman, you educate a generation.”
It’s a cliché. Everybody must have come across it. But, it’s not just a virtual saying
Ponder over it, and you will realize, there can be no man, without a ‘wo-man’.

She is born,
Born to bring honour to her family.
She lives to live with the hopes of her begetter,
She is entitled,
A dear daughter,
A soul sister,
A familiar friend,
A worthy wife,
A loving mother.

She carries a heart so pure,
She braces all odds,
She is strong,
She is the harbinger of happiness, of new life!

She is tortured, eve teased.
She gulps down insults for being ‘She’
She is scared, She is not free.
She is me,
She is what every lady is perceived to be!

About the Author:

Mehak Raina 

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