She looked through me


She looked through me,

I was a window for her to see

She knew my soul like a lullaby

Sung to her in the years gone by

I was the door to her smile

A companion for a mile

She looked through me

I couldn’t help but believe

She saw my fears and my lies

She knew my sorrows and my sighs

She left me standing awed by her presence

A mere look at her was the gateway to heaven

She looked through me

The eyes like the storms of sea

She made me quiver and break

At times it was more than I could take

But she loved me,

or so I suppose

Love or not, only she would know

She looked through me

Her starry eyes wide open

She was a book that no one could read

Life a play? She’d be the lead

She wouldn’t give up or give in

She was every man’s irresistible sin

She looked through me

Opened the cage, set me free

She made me fly far above the clouds

She gave reasons to each of my doubts

All but one were doubts no more

Was it real? The face she bore

She looked through me

And quietly sighed in relief

I don’t know what she had in mind

It’s something no one can find

For she’s the mystery still unsolved

Beauty and terror both involved

She looked through me

With a smile on her scarlet lips

A smile with a million stories

One with innumerable glories

Yet something wicked layers beneath

Sadistic humor in the glistening teeth

She looked through me

She saw me through and through

It were as if she was a Satan sent

And yet an Angel of whom

You’ve dreamt of every day

She was the good and she was the bad

She was all that you could only wish you had.

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Gayatri Saili 


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