The Shire Meet on 31 August 2015


Okay so first of all what’s the Shire?

A couple of people from UIET, PU decided to form a book club in the university. Its purpose was of course to discuss and read new books. What they found out was with everyone’s busy schedule it wasn’t possible to hold regular meetings for book discussions. So they build up the Shire online and its purpose became something more, to meet new books was replaced by to meet new people. On the surface of the university one would think that its peopledo not have much love for literature but under its surface there are some truly wonderfully talented specimens. So if you are one of those who could never find anyone who shares your love for literature you would feel right at home in the Shire. So with this purpose the book club is growing, small still but in this small group they have found somethingtruly fascinating.

Now the Event

Now sufficiently big enough they are having an event at 4:30 PM on 31st August in the heart of PU, Stu-C. The theme is campfire storytelling. Where people from PU will be performing original poetry, prose, shayari and such. Traditionally in these events what happens is someone comes up on stage and performs their work which is fine of course but a bit too official. What they have decided is to have it like a storytelling meet among friends in a camp where they would sit in a circle and tell stories giving it a more intimate touch.

And one more thing

There’s one more thing, this is from their event page.

“Your best friend is busy and can’t accompany you to the meet? Don’t worry, the whole point of our book club is to meet people in the university who share the love of reading (and writing).
To encourage this we have thought up of a little activity, an ice-breaker for the event.
Whoever interested will write his/her name on a chit and we’ll make random pairs.The pairs will make up roughly five lines of prose or poetry on each other after five minutes.Effectively you’ll have a poem/prose on you from the eyes of a stranger!P S- Of course it’s optional and you can just sit back and watch.”


This is shaping up to be an interesting little event in the university and of course PU mirror will cover it all. Given below is the link of the event if you are interested.

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