SFS: Marching Towards a New Dawn


Student For Society (SFS) organized an event-cum-open mic programme called “Towards A New Dawn” in the Palm Garden of Panjab University on  January 21, 2018. The event presented a platform for the art of poetry,  storytelling and singing, thus encouraging a zealous participation from the students.

The host of the show, Priya started the show with a short introduction stating the reason behind the theme which revolved around women inequality and patriarchy in the Indian society.

The show commenced with a mesmerizing song by Niki and Dinesh from the Department of Music, who portrayed through their song that truth has no hiding and good always prevails over evil. Another participant Satwinder recited a poem and pointed towards the miserable state of education which focusses on making the students follow a herd mentality, thus making them a part of the ‘rat-race’.

The most appraising piece was a poem by Masha on “Kaidi” (prisoner) depicting the scenario that we have remained blindfolded since ages but still pretend to be the aware social animals quoting – “Jab tak har gudiya nirbhaya, har beera apni betiyon ko samajhte hue apni awaaz nhi uthati.  Tab tak samajh lo ki tum, mein aur hum sab bade se pinjre ke santusht aur aazad kaidi hai “. 

Students presented many poems and songs with respect to the recent events of rape cases in Haryana, the unjust portrayal of students struggles throughout india, injustice in educational institutions, patriarchy in society, demonetization and other social issues of the society to coax all to take a step forward for the good change.

The audience present at the event also actively participated in sharing their views. One of the spectators for boosting the audience to fight against the sabotages caused to the moral values quoted, “Utho wrna bohut der hojaegi,  agar zinda ho!” “The unique aspect of the whole program was a ‘suggestion box’ whereby, everyone could drop a suggestion for the betterment of the society.

With the conclusion of the event, there was an aura of change in the surroundings. Today, awareness among the citizens is imperative to empower their voice against social maladies and thus, making a real difference and this one-of-a-kind event stood testament to the same.

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Upasana Chauhan (DAV College 10)

Girl Almighty though I believe in equalism. And sarcastically a writer.


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