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The start of every academic year greets us with the election season and surrounding it are all flares and cheers. The flashy cars dressed with party stickers, shouting of the party slogans, one rally after another, everyone propagating their party agendas and ideologies on the first free soul they find. But between all this hustle and bustle a party emerged which silently won thousands of hearts.

The story of the Students for Society (SFS) party comes in as stunner which changes the way one perceives the elections at the Punjab University. The SFS presidential candidate Amritpal Singh, a research scholar at the department of history managed to come second just 350 votes shy of the winning candidate of PUSU party.

The final vote count of the presidential candidature on the d day stood as follows,

PUSU- 2843 votes

SFS- 2494 votes

SOI- 2505 votes

NSUI- 2074 votes

While coming in second is not an accomplishment as the first position is deemed as the winner, but what makes this an accomplishment is what happened behind the scenes.

Examining the past several years, it can be observed that the student council was mainly dominated by the parties with political background or backing, this year however, things felt a little different as 2494 students voted for a change, for a party which made it to the mainstream coming from humble a background, a party which made student related agendas their focus and promised to work for the students.

The party campaigned and rallied like every other party but with a touch of their own. SFS party wasn’t funded as much as the other parties where the budget crossed the five figure mark, in fact when we asked the party president Daman about the budget they had allocated for the elections the answer was a meager sum of Rs2,200! They did not spend any money on printing of stickers instead all the stickers were made by hand by the party workers, same is the story about all the banners and posters used. While in the penultimate days all the other parties had their tents planted in front of the hostels the SFS party had none of it, their campaigning revolved around in the classes and inside the hostels. They worked at the grass root level and helped the students in a very positive manner; the major share of the votes came from the Phd scholars and also a big chunk of the first year voters.


Clinching nearly 25% of the total votes polled SFS has made a place for itself in the university student election; without the flashy cars and bright stickers, instead with a modest approach, student oriented agendas and a dafly. Yes, they did not win, but they proved to be a breath of fresh air in a clustered election environment, an outcast from the every year election drama which is so deeply entrenched in our system.

Indeed they’ve won a lot of hearts and we wish to see them with the same zeal at the next elections.

Mirror wishes the newly elected student counsel good luck for their tenure ahead, huge thumbs up to all the contestants who participated and a special mention to SFS who have shown to one and all that it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality!

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Kudrat cheema (UILS, PU Campus)

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Himanshu Sharma (UILS, PU Campus)

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