Semester End Exams Rescheduled by PU


There are rumors of PU postponing its schedule of exams in May this year for the courses of BA, BCA, MA (Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, and Disaster Management), and MSc Botany. This news has come in accordance with the recent events of attacking the Head office of Examinations (PU) by some fellow students who came there with the intent of stealing the file that contained the question papers of the examination for the various streams mentioned above, from the office computer. 

The regrettable event of the students running away from the site of crime unscathed is indeed shameful. Moreover, the students lit the office on fire, making it hard for the security to grab hold of them. The students were seen wearing a black mask that covered whole of their face. 

According to a senior official, there were around four well-built boys and a girl, who executed the disgraceful task. 

About fourteen people, of which eight were staff, have been reporte to have been suffering from major injuries. Moreover, two employees and a student, who were in the office at the time of the incident are suffering from third degree burns all over their body. The doctors have kept them under inspection as their condition is highly critical for some time and are preparing to perform multiple major surgeries on them. All the victims are being treated at PGI, Chandigarh.

A police complaint was launched and there are only a handful of clues available to them. There is intense pressure on the police to find the culprits before May 10 from the University side.

A professor from the department of Economics (PU), who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “It’s a shame to the university for such an event to take place. If continuous instances of such paper leaks keep arising, the credibility of education loses its virtue.” 

The exams are yet to be rescheduled. The estimated date of their commencement is around 12th June, while the entrance examination will be held simultaneously. This has come as a horrid news to the students appearing for PU entrance exam. 

Disclaimer: As very well said by our parents “khali dimag shaitan ka ghar”, this article is a khurafati idea which a result of the idleness experienced by the author. Bogus bulletin is our column of believably fake news. Please don’t take this news to be true. It is meant only to bamboozle you, so share this with your friends and bamboozle them.

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