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I was 16 when I climbed Everest and this so far has been the best thing to have happened to me

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Fateh Singh Brar is just another 20 year, college going, chilled out law student, but there’s something about him that makes him stand out in a crowd. Well its not the fair skin or the ever surprising eye wear, its the fact that he was a Guiniess Book World Record holder of not just one but Two records at the Tender age of 16. Making his team the youngest team in the world to have ever climbed Everest and the first school team in the world to have unfurled their flag on the top of the world. (Too much for a 16 year old we believe)

Climbing Everest at the age of 16 and setting two world records really changed my outlook towards life.

It has changed my life in a way that everything in life is now compared with Everest. Like casual conversations about studies for that matter ! People really fool around with me asking me if studying Economics is easier than Climbing Mt. Everest.  And well on other occasions it becomes a like a Medium of comparison ,Everst- then why not Economics” I hope you guys know how difficult Economics can get .(Phew)

Fateh has always enjoyed the outdoors, he says that this mountaineering experience has made him a more Confident and Daring person. It has made him independent in a way that he can take his own decisions and choose whats Good and whats not.And most importantly as he says,

It has taught me that courage , leadership and teamwork are primarily very important to achieve success, and I so truly believe that the outdoors teach us a lot more than we learn in our classrooms. With the passage of time outdoor adventure activities turn from a hobby to an obsession and then you reach a point from where there’s definitely no looking back.”

Now the next most definite question to be asked was how did all this even happen, because we definitely know that going to the Top Of The World isn’t the easiest thing. It requires a lot of hard work , a lot of courage and most importantly the part where the parents need to be convinced !

An Opportunity. Simply.

Col. Neeraj Rana( the then Principal of Himalayan mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling ) had come to our school to give a presentation on Mountaineering. We got the chance to volunteer for the basic and advance mountaineering course and after a lot of filtration process only seven of us out of twenty five were selected as the  members of the climbing team .And as far convincing the parents was concerned , I didn’t have much of a problem since my father accompanied us till the second base camp(he too is quiet a fan of such thrills) , and you know how they say, A Son is the Shadow Oh His Father, well I strongly believe so.”

The movie, Everest released in 2015 made all of us look at the Everest Expedition in a very very different way. Personally, it made clearer the picture of going up there, the journey of different camps ,the vigorous training and the emotions mountaineers leave back home .

But again, that was a movie and our question remains that is “Coming down actually the most difficult part?”


Coming down is considered as the most difficult part as we’ve used most of ur energy reserves to reach the summit.  For the descent one has to be very careful as most of deaths or accidents in mountaineering take place while coming down .As sometimes climbers get complacent and forget to hook their safety carabiners to the rope or in other cases , fatigue and sometimes hallucinations make the mountaineers take wrong steps which could cause an injury and in extreme cases, death of the mountaineer. Yes, its scary , but if it wouldnt be so, why would we even call it an Adventure?

Things that don’t thrill us, have no reason to stay with us in the long run”

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Oh well, that was quiet some inspiration ! Now coming down to questions, we wanted to know that how much does the saying by Sir Edmund Hillary fall into place as far as climbing Everest is concerned ,that Its not the mountain you conquere , but yourself’


“I very honestly believe in the saying by Hillary ,that it is not the mountain you conquer but yourself. You conquer your fears ,you conquer your inhibitions and most importantly you conquer your doubts about life.

Well I’d not exactly say that I conquered Everest as it is disrespect to the mountain. I’d say something more in place like ,we climbed the  Everest maybe. Everest is a very huge mountain and its Fury, is definitely very very well known among climbers. There have been so many deaths in the past so ideally NO climber leaves base camp without the Pooja ceremony. All the equipment to be used in the expedition are blessed by a monk and then the climbing starts. The Everest Expedition usually takes around two months”


Like Fateh puts it ,’Adventure activities become a hobby and there is no looking back’, we definitely need to know about the other adventures that he has been to apart from the Everest Expedition.


Ideally I wouldn’t boast about things, but in this case , I’d Love too!

So yes , I have been to 4 other summits apart from Everest.

Mt. BC Roy Sikkim Himalayas 18000+ ft ; Mt. Frey Sikkim 19000 ft ; Mt. K Top Leh-Ladhak 19000ft and Hatu peak , and since Mountaineering is a hobby I have done a lot of trekking in the Rough Terrains of  Himachal , Uttarakhand  and parts of Ladhak.

Apart from these I have done an exploration expedition to Spiti valley in the peak winters and helped as a guide for the motorcycle expeditions to Leh-Ladhak .

My goal is to summit the highest mountain of each continent, but currently I am facing shortage of funds as this is an Expensive Passion (Laughs) as the travel , the equipment and the permits are not cheap.”


Expensive Passion it is ! The journey of a mountaineer is a very back breaking journey. It requires days and nights of absolutely devoted passion. Going through extreme weather conditions, climbing steep slopes , falling down but still managing to get up, all of this is easier said than done! Yet this remains an experience that will give you an  adrenaline rush every time you think about it!

“Yes it was stupid and I endangered my life ..but then again ,what a lifetime experience it was!”

 “I was just overjoyed  to reach the top and to be one of the lucky few . It was a tough journey made easy by the support of lifelong friends and family . Each second of the entire journey was priceless.  The intense training sessions, the Khup creation during free time, the flawless teamwork, tears rolling back down by my eyes upon reaching the summit …the list does not end! It’s a life changing experience . High on energy, we had embarked on a journey without knowing what was in store for us, but God was kind to keep us safe and bring us back alive without a scratch. Upon our return we were over the news and there were awards and facilitation waiting for us in Chandigarh, Delhi and Bombay. That I must say was the most wonderful and memorable year of my life-2013”

 Any thing you want to tell the people ?

 “Others will always underestimate you, so Never underestimate urself. Believe in urself. Dream big and work hard. Achieve your goals , don’t just keep waiting or saying. Just Do It.

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