Secret Superstar- A Believable Fairy-Tale


When you walk into the hall to watch an Aamir Khan film or a film backed by his production house, you expect nothing less than pure quality, an amazing narrative and winning performances.

Secret Superstar isn’t an exception to this. It is a beautiful film that very subtly and beautifully captures emotions of every Indian household in one way or another.

Insia Malik (Zaira) is a talented 15 year old girl from Baroda, who aspires to become a singer and has the potential to be one. Yet, she is trapped in her conservative household, where neither her passion nor her emotions are allowed to breathe. Despite such restrictions, Insia’s mother still tries to give her whatever amount of freedom she can, right from allowing her go out with a friend for an hour to buying her a guitar. But the mother is helpless too as she is bound by the shackles of a violent marriage. Despite that Insia dares to dream and is determined to free her mother of these shackles. How she emerges victorious in the end is what forms the plot of the film. 

The film is an engaging narrative that compels you to go on an emotional journey with Insia and understand her myriad emotions. Zaira makes Insia’s character extremely believable and manages to showcase her own great acting prowess brilliantly. The constant frustration of having her dreams trapped and the courage with which she goes to Mumbai all by herself form the core of Insia’s character which are diligently portrayed by Zaira Wasim. Wise beyond her years, she is riveting on screen, in the manner in which she appears to sing using her entire being, or the little moments of crushing disappointment and excitement that are reflected on the canvas of her expressive face.  Meher Vij, who plays Najma Malik, beautifully portrays the childish innocence, the vulnerability, yet the innumerable strength, that make Najma’s character one of the best female protagonists I’ve seen in a long while. Her eyes speak for themselves throughout the film.

Aamir Khan was definitely the show-stealer. His character Shakti Kumar was beautifully written and portrayed with equal beauty, grace, flimsiness and humour. The subtlety he brings to a character as vivacious and loud as Shakti Kumar, is a task only Aamir Khan can accomplish. 

Advait Chauhan’s direction is totally on point and brilliant. A film depends totally on the director’s vision and Advait Chauhan doesn’t disappoint as the film is an amazing piece of storytelling.

Music by Amit Trivedi is a little weak, yet suits the plot of the film and supports it completely.

In the end, I would like to say that Secret Superstar is a winner not withstanding the bumps along the way and it shall remain in the hearts of people for a long time.

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