SDMUN Takes Forward MUN Legacy, Steps Up The Game On Day 2


The most hyped and talked about event of the tri-city, SDMUN 2017 continued on Day 2 with utmost zeal and productive participation of the delegates from across the country. The conference has truly turned the city into a global arena as all the committees openly articulated on their specific agendas. Thus, bringing out various conjectures onto the forum.

Photo-Credit: Davinder Singh (DAV College 10)

Photo-Credit: Davinder Singh (DAV College 10)

The General Assembly on the second day witnessed diplomats who were vociferous enough in construing their stoic opinions and the contributions of their respective countries towards the agenda of “Gender Discrimination”.

The cross questioning of the Executive Board to the delegate of India asking, “Do you think that Mr. Narenda Modi would bring a difference to the nation and the world?” brought forth a speck of humour to the session as the diplomats differed altogether in their perspectives.

World Health Organization Committee began on a humdrum note and the flow of session was pretty monotonous. Pertaining to the agenda which was health in prison and alcohol abuse, Indonesia made a prominent point that, the main aim should be providing security and justice to the prisoners, metaphorically implying that we need a BATMAN and we need him as soon as possible. Whereas, the delegates of Historic Security Council and the International Freedom of Expression Exchange deliberated on their respective agendas in high spirits.

Photo-Credit: Davinder Singh (DAV College 10)

Photo-Credit: Davinder Singh (DAV College 10)

The second session of the UNGA ended up turning into a bit of social science lesson. On a sarcastic note, the EB was being bombarded with requests from some anonymous “Dream girls” to express their admiration.

From extensive chit passing to stupendous verdicts presented by the diplomats, the second day of SDMUN 2017 concluded. The Executive Board is looking forward to a concrete resolution made by the delegates on the final day of the conference.

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