SDMUN 2019 hits the start button!


The cold Wednesday morning of January 18, 2019 extended a warm welcome to the 6th edition of SDMUN. The opening ceremony of the event in the afternoon flooded the grounds of SD college with delegates from all around the city of Chandigarh. Dressed in formal attires, walking with an upfront attitude, sharing the responsibility of the theme of WAQT-AL-THAWRA: time for revolution.

This year the committees of UN Women, UN General Assembly, UN Human Rights and UN Office on Drugs and Crime included pressing issues like reforms for global prisoners of war with emphasis on convicts and rights under trial, having a broader perspective towards decriminalizing same sex relations, usage of women as a sex symbol for the spread of extremist ideology, illegal drug trade of heroine, etc. While the committee of All India Political Party included topics like ‘curbing communalism and communal unrest in India, and justification of building statues and change in names of the states’.

The opening ceremony was presided over by dignitaries like- Dr. Bhushan Kumar, Mr. Balraj Thappar and Ms. Monica Soni. Their inspiring and thoughtful speeches were a source of great motivation. With new hopes of raising the bar for the event, their words filled the audience with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. The first performance of the ceremony was a classical dance by two students on the songs ‘nahomnahom’ and ‘shiv shiv’. the captivating performance by the two dancers was a beautiful start to the show. It was succeeded by another fierce performance of a poem depicted by means of a dance. The story of a girl- the suppression in the family, the final conclusion in terms of marriage, and her inevitable fate was beautiful portrayed, both in terms of words as well as the dance.

Next up were the very talented organising team of the event, who waltz their way through the stage. The mesmerizing performance by the team showed their hard work and efforts put into the event as a whole. The last performance included melodious Punjabi songs sung to the beats of dhol, tabla, canjon drums and the notes of harmonium and the guitar. The floor was next taken up by RJ Vishesh and RJ Amar from 92.7 big fm who introduced us to their new theme of #iamnotsorry. All the marketing partners were introduced and a short video showed the strenuous efforts put in by the whole team of SDMUN.  Last but not the least the Executive Board were presented with gavels and finally the secretary general – Ms. Harnoor along with the whole organising team ‘Declared the Conference Open’.

The opening ceremony was followed by high tea with refreshments for everyone and then followed by the first session of the event in which the executive board members calmly explained the rules of procedures.

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