SDMUN 2019: A Promising Diplomatic Conference

SDMUN 2019 is a unique platform where one can have an explicit experience of a perfect simulation of knowledge and diplomacy. This conference will provide a platform to the students to impersonate as delegates of different countries, whereby they will actively involve in mind boggling discussions regarding a diplomatic situation.
GGDSD College, Sector 32 will be hosting the 6th edition of SDMUN from January 18-20. And since this conference has a legacy of creating a mark of intriguing exchange of conversation and information, SDMUN 2019 will definitely be a notch higher.
With the theme ‘Waqt Althawra’ carrying an innate meaning of ‘Its time for revolution’, the 3 day conference is all set to create futuristic thoughts regarding global peace.
The committees and their agendas are as follows:
1  United Nations General Assembly (Disarmament and International Security Committee) 
Reforms for Global Prisoners’ of War with special emphasis on convicts and rights of those under trial.
2 All India Political Parties Meet
1. Curbing Communalism and Communal Unrest in India
2 – Justification of building statues and renaming of cities, places and stations.
3 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
1. Illegal drug trade of Heroin.
2. Strengthening International Legal Frameworks to Address Transnational Operations of Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence.
4 UN Women
1. Usage of Women as a Sex Symbol for the Spread of Extremist Ideology.
2. Deliberation on the Formulation of a Universal Abortion Law
5 United Nations Human Rights Council
Looking beyond decriminalising Same Sex Relations. (A discussion on Adoption, Marriage, Property Rights, etc., for the LGBTQIA Community)
So, make sure that you do not miss this extravagant conference which will definitely be the best in the game.

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