SDCU+SDHU on the path to accomplish their promises in GGDSD college


In less than a month of coming out victorious in the recent College elections, SDCU+SDHU has not left a stone un turned both literally in metaphorically.

The biggest promise made by Jaideep singh and his companions was of providing the students with an appropriate parking space for cars. which has been attained recently.

The current student council has with this entered into the good books of the students. The parking problem had been a point that other parties did not bring up and termed it as “impossible”.
DSP Cheema said it was a difficult task when it was brought into his notice by ex president Jaskirat Singh.

SDCU+SDHU boldly took up this problem and has come to rescue of students who regularly had to deal with the tow truck. Now the pavement to the opposite side of the college wall will be new space for parking. Even though this was sought to be a temporary parking spot last year when done by last student council, now this looks to be the only solution to the parking problem.

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