SD College Student’s Council President visits Mayor, asks him to extend Parking Slope.


Ending the academic session, the student council of GGDSD College has again made an attempt to aid the students in their parking issues. President, Jaideep Singh at first made his intention of providing ample parking for the students in September.
SDCU+SDHU has now visited the mayor of Chandigarh, Arun Sood, claiming to have asked him to ‘make slope opposite to St. Anne’s school’. As per their previous claims the Student Council in this session converted the pavement into parking space ending the long and heated debate of parking.

According to a Facebook post by SDCU+SDHU the mayor has assured them of solving the matter to the earliest. Jaideep Singh along with party chairman and others visited the Municipal Corporation office on May 10.

SDCU+SDHU came into power this session after facing a crushing defeat last year at the hands of SOI. Working towards various promises made by them during elections, the student council has provided WiFi on campus which would be fully functional from the next session. Gym equipment in boy’s hostel has been replaced with new one along with the canteen shed being replaced.

Meanwhile the food in the boy’s hostel has not been up to mark and also no Job fest was organised in the college as per their demands off the Principal.
Other student political bodies have maintained their silence throughout the year. SOI did make allegations regarding the Nainital trip which was organised in November but since then have backed out and made no further comments.
SDCU+SDHU mark the end of the session on a high note with the parking issue.

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