SD College memorizes its visionary; organise blood donation camp


To commemorate the memory of Late Pt. Mohan lal ji the founding president of the Sanatan Dharma society and the former Finance minister of Punjab, GGDSD College organised a blood donation camp. Students turned up in large numbers for the event and a record 260 donors came up.

The college even arranged for the Editor-in-chief of The Tribune, Harish Khare to address the students on the occasion. First the President of The SD society Upkar Krishan Sharma educated the students about the rich legacy of pt. Mohan lal, who even served as the education minister in Punjab.

Khare the former Media advisor to Manmohan Singh the former Prime minister of India took to the stage and paid his respects to the visionary Pt. Mohan lal. Khare took the topic of Social Media to address the crowd to which he in his own words was “disqualified” for. Khare still found his way through and was able to deliver a very compelling lecture. He put forward his views on the current status of the social media, which he said has both positive and negative points to it.

Addressing the role played by media in the current politics of the nation the renowned Political philosopher and journalist said media is the game changing platform in the current scenario. Khare when in an interactive session was asked about there being a need of gatekeepers to regulate the Internet content termed this as the next big question that India will face in the coming years.

On the historic occasion, in the presence of the college principal Bhushan Sharma and various other dignitaries Pt. Mohan lal’s book “Disintegration of Punjab” which was recently converted to Punjabi was also released.

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