School-uniform kid to a college-clad lass, jazz it up women!


College admissions are everywhere! Kids are going bonkers and parents have already established their delirious side. Slowly this mayhem will end, and signal the uprising of another major crisis of, ‘What Do I Wear?’ Or maybe your wordings won’t be this clear, but the subtext will surely match.


Do I plait my hair and wear moderately decent clothes? Should I bare my shoulders, I mean, I am no longer going to a convent? Or I really couldn’t care less, where my baggy shorts are! Is wearing Indian very rural? Oh! God, I have nothing to wear. The list of specifics is endless and the choice to wear in summers is limitless.

The first edition focuses on the female counter part or anyone who likes to wear clothes, which come with the unwanted label, ‘feminine’.

Going to MCM did open my eyes (pun intended). On certain days, it takes utmost patience to not shoot myself in the eye. You see certain women surely have the ‘eye of tiger’ and peasant eyes can’t comprehend their unnecessary daring choices.
For those of you who fall the same, here is a summarized do’s and don’t’s. Because you know, we got your back, and wardrobe and psychological depth analysis too. Just kidding.

1) Hail, Mother Mary of Choices:


One vital perk of having your college start in summer, is the endless options you get. This one multiple choice question always gets you the correct answer, with no negative marking involved.From salwars to skirts, or shorts to shirt dresses, you can wear anything under the sun. You can jazz up your mundane trousers with a knotted shirt or a gorgeous off shoulder lace top. Maxi dresses always get a green signal. But never overdo your outfit. Heat is not always friendly, wear breathable clothes and make smart choices with your cloth material too. Oh, you can never go wrong with anything Indian.
2) MAKE what’s UP:

See, girls in my college wear bleeding red lipstick when it’s 40 degrees outside, and I sincerely pray to lord that it rains and wipes their lipstick away. Who said I was nice, anyway.
Heat means sweating and not everyone has air conditioned classes. So it’s extremely important that you don’t cake yourself, and always use water-proof makeup. If it’s possible, sneak some SPF on too. Eyeliner, kajol, mascara are lightweight products that always get a go signal. Remember wear makeup for yourself and not for some twat, who doesn’t even know the difference between MAC and MacBook Pro.

3) Sweet Mother of God, please no heels!

Smart shoe wardrobe and choices will take you places. But idiotic decisions will definitely rush you to emergency, with a swollen ankle or a twisted foot. You are going to college for multiple reasons, they are subjective obviously, but do not cross a 5 inch heel with a 5 inch fat book. Destined fall.


Freshers, an after party or a pre-brunch meet; all get a green signal to wear a 1, 2 or a maximum of a 3 inch heel.
Never forget that education and clubbing are two separate things altogether.

4) Any bag works:

Backpacks to slings and handbags, all work fine as long as they hold everything you require. Search our site and refer to an article titled, ‘Daily must-haves for a gender neutral bag,’ for more specific detail.
You can add a scarf or some fluffy key ring accessory to spice your bag. Solid colours and floral patterns all are in, all year round. Your bag is your kid, don’t let the fickle trends tell you anything different.

5) Peace of mind:

Be happy and confident. You got this, new place and strangers can’t hold you down. Don’t let anyone rain on your parade. Don’t slouch, chin up and back straight. Comb your hair, straighten that outfit and win at college life. It’s one of a kind. Embrace the freedom.

Don’t follow the herd and never forget that you are a unique being whatsoever. You don’t need to own multiple clothes to slay, you need a vision and a desire to live for yourself. Gone are the days when hippies didn’t bathe. If people judge, then show them how clouded their vision is. If wearing 20 pounds of make-up gives you happiness, then ensure it’s waterproof and won’t clog your pores. You do it for yourself, boo! *raise a toast to the good life*

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