School-uniform kid to a College-clad lad; rule this summer, men!


Giving women advice on what to wear is not easy. Maybe the advice part is, but hoping that they’ll stick to it is like a ‘pie in the sky.’ This is not a sexist remark, this is me, highlighting the fact that women take risks and listen to themselves too.

Now, I have a gender neutral approach towards life. I also don’t tend to dwell in the hot hell of segregation and labelling. Therefore, it becomes crucial for me to talk about the usually avoided section of the society, MEN! Or any human who considers himself to be a part of the ‘Andry’ bandwagon.

It’s funny how for almost over a millennium, people still had this absurd notion that “men don’t care about fashion”, “men don’t need to dress up”, “much man no care”, “fashion and wellness is for women”. However, with grateful change in times, people are finally bursting their own bubbles and realizing that men not only care about fashion, but majorly of them dominate the scene too! 
Fashion designers to stylists, make up artists to being the most important name in the shoe industry, they’ve done it and seen it all. (Hint: the red soles and the choos!) This exposure or talent doesn’t render them feminine, or any less masculine. It’s more of a feather in the cap for our specie. Continuing this school of thought and taking into consideration ‘Metrosexuality’ and ‘Androgynous’ style of fashion, I have a summarized version of “what does one wear to college,” special edition for my HOMEBOYS.

1) You can choose too!
I am so done with the decade old cry that girls get more choices. Men get plenty too! Kurtas to beat the heat, Bermudas to jazz the scene, Polo-shirt for brunch, a blazer for that extra sharpness, Nehru jacket for winning the debate, and endless styles of trousers. Team kurtas with jeans and trousers, making sure you buy your kurtas and band-galas in beautiful summer shades.

You have infinite options with t-shirts, shirts, polo-shirts, round necks, sweatshirts, wife beaters (stupid name) and chinos, skinny jeans, flare leg, bell bottoms, joggers, ripped jeans, acid washed jeans and what not. Explore, till you finally expire!

2) What is a male item of clothing?
If women can wear trousers, men can pull off maxi dresses too! Now this moment gives me another opportunity to put forth an egalitarian thought that ‘clothes don’t have a gender’. These days men can not only wear skirts, but can also rock a dress. A piece of cloth can never dictate or cater to only one gender. I know this revolution will take time to happen in India, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.
Take inspiration from Jaden Smith, who is the face for Louis Vuitton’s ‘women wear’, taking gender fluidity to a whole new level.

3) Stop Mourning:
I love the colour black and all the memes that are dedicated to it, but guys, please get over 50 shades of everything dark. It’s gross when we can see your shirts becoming mouldy. Light lemon, sky blue, powder pink and green also exist. Indulge in more colours, the spectrum exists for a reason!

4) Baggy affair!
There is an entire market which caters to men’s bag. From satchels to bag packs, you’ve got it all. A bag is more of a personal statement than a social obligation. So, if that tan satchel excites you, go get it tiger.

5) Shoes?
g5Mostly people are unaware of the latest Yeezy or why ‘damn Daniels’ are sort of cool. But this shouldn’t stop you from rocking whatever grabs the eye, whether it’s sneakers, trainers, oxford shoes, brogues, slip-on’s, vans, boat shoes or the dreaded sandals.
Never wear socks with sandals, just please don’t. Endless options exist when it comes to shoe shopping, make sure you try them. (Pro tip- Not all types of shoes can be worn with socks and jeans. Sometimes, you have to team them up with Bermudas or chinos.)

6) T-Urban slayers:
For all my men who support a turban, here’s a beautiful reminder that turbans have officially taken over literally everywhere. From the runways to white-washed culture stealing festivals, you are dominating the scene and will continue to do so. Turbans pave a wonderful path for you to mix and match, and play with colours. Save the darker shades for winters and rock the pastel hues this summer. Beat the heat and continue to stand out in style!

7) Pep Talk
Don’t fret, you’ll slay. You always do. Just be confident and don’t slouch, stand straight. Don’t push your chest out more than what seems right, unless you have the 36″ or whatever desirable inch. Do take bath daily. Perfume is supposed to be an asset, not phenol that you end up washing yourself in it. Polish or clean your shoes that speak very highly of a person. Smile a lot!

Starting with college shouldn’t scare you; it is nothing but if not fun. You don’t need to own Scott Disick’s wardrobe and Kanye West’s creativity to establish your presence. Be sharp, witty and involved. This is your time to fly and create a new world full of opportunities. Don’t let petty things get in the way, as you’ve got this!
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