Scars of PM Modi’s visit: A young police constable succumbs to injuries


Hum modi ji ko, hum modi ji ko lane wale hain….. Acche din aane wale hain! Modi ji kal chandigarh aaye hain… Acche din dur bhagaye hain!!
You might be wondering how inaugration of a new airport terminal could push away any good coming city’s way… well if that is so, here’s what you don’t know…

Praveen Kumari, a 30 year old young police constable succumbed to her injuries a day before previous night in PGI when she was hit by a Punjab Police water cannon while returning from her VVIP duty. As she started her Honda Activa to ride back home after, as he proclaims “pradhan sevak”  left, she was crushed under a water canon returning back from the same duty, suffering injuries on the side of her legs and a portion of the stomach. While the news may shock you, what is heartening is that seva of the pradhan sevak left her 4 year old daughter and barely 14months old son mother-less!
What a shame! A citizen of the country is given so much of the right to freedom of movement that others are crippled as he exercises it, and pushed to suffer and endure or succumb!
The victim’s family, broken and heart-renched by the shocking death of their loved one, took the dead body to their native village, Muktsar to perform her last rites. The ‘Guard of Honour’ shall be no solace to the kids when they learn their oh-so-beloved mom is no more.
A close family member said, “She was very sincere and was often put on important duties. Till her last breath, she was hopeful of surviving but the best of medical attention could not save her. We blame no one but was it really required her to be present there? We don’t know!”
The question answered in ambiguity leaves us to think is it really such a big deal to have your chosen Prime Minister driven down in the same country that we need convoys, mock drills and so much security to let his car run around a bit??


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