SBSU nominations canceled

Today the nominations were announced for the elections at Post Graduate
Government College, sector 11, and as observed the president standing for SBSU,
Mr Somveer Grewal’s nomination was canceled. The reason given is his short
attendance but as per to the Punjab University’s record, his attendance rectifies
the condition of 75 percent.
So as its seen, the reason given is completely wrong, all Mr Somveer has to say
about this is all the actions he took against the college staff. He filed a RTI against
the H.O.D of Physical Education and it turned out that there’s a fine of 5.5 lakhs on
his name. He says all the money that was supposed to be used for the swimming
pool and the development of the playgrounds, hadn’t been used. The RTI was also
filed against the CA and the executive engineer of the college, and they have fines
under their names too.
Mr Somveer was also on a hunger strike for 5 days, from 27th July to 1st August,
2015. He also blames the administration for the attendance issues, since the
attendance record was supposed to be sent from 20th august onwards but the
record was sent from 28th august, the time when he was on the strike, but the
stars have done well, even then he has had a positive response from the
university’s administration.



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