Say No To ‘Sab Chalta Hai’


India: A country so diverse in itself to be named a sub continent, from Kashmir valleys to southern plateaus, kutch desert to highest rainforest Mawsynrum in East, India has been a land of unity in diversity. You need remarkable tolerance & acceptance to survive in this kind of environment.

That is where Indians are so good at. Our willingness to adapt & compromise has helped us produce great entrepreneurs and succeed in areas like diplomacy. Chalta hai. At a time, Chalta hai attitude has helped India to stand united and grow respectively. But, this attitude has become a real headache as it is perceived as highly cool among youngsters now days. Nobody looks for perfection because chalta hai. This has lead to mediocrity in all fields. We do not value brilliance. We are satisfied with sorry state of affairs in all walks of life.

Government is doing scams; country is down falling, system is deteriorated but, Chalta hai. He didn’t return the favor; Chalta hai. Subsidising quality because; Chalta hai.
There is a dedicated seat for an elder and a younger person already sitting doesn’t offer a seat. Elder doesn’t even ask him for the same because; Chalta hai. Violation of traffic rules because; Chalta hai. Don’t litter around! Chill, chalta hai.
Voiceless against crimes because itna to hota rehta hai. Chalta hai.

Chalta hai, because we don’t want to rise above ordinary lax phenomenon.
Any trouble? We will bribe. Any fight? Cheat way through. After all, this is how it works, right? This kind of attitude arises when we want to get things done but cannot put efforts and hard work into it. When you stop being ‘OK’ with something you are not comfortable with, it no longer would work. You just cannot agree on matters you don’t find acceptable because chalta hai!
We cannot get perfection in anything we do or intend to do. We fail to deliver quality and blame our societal values for the same because chalta hai.
The annoying side of “Chalta hai” gets even worse when people tend to stretch this attitude outside their personal boundaries, be it government, judiciary, police or the entire nation!

In conclusion, we must rise and stand against everything you don’t agree to. Speak against scams, crimes, media houses, politicians.

Kyuki ye sab sehna nahi chalta hai!

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Vaishali Thakur (DAV College 10)


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