Savdhani? No!


My friend says, “You cannot trust boys these days”, but our elders warn, “You cannot trust anyone these days.” A few months ago, I heard about a mother, who abandoned her kids at their tender ages and killed one, later, for the sake of money. Yes, I’m talking about Mrs. Indrani Mukherjee whose secrets are out from her cupboard. This odious news makes me wonder, is this mere propensity towards money or our newly established ethics of 21st century? It’s hard to comprehend.

Well I’m not dedicating this article to this over-the-top-vicious mother but the ruined state of our wisdom and ever increasing trust issues. Trust is the major nutrient in the diet of life. It is humanly impossible to live a life of a ‘Paranoia’, doubting and fearing anyone and everyone around. We are programmed to trust each other, as a child we trust our parents, as a teenager we trust our friends, as a lover we trust our partner and the list goes endless. So did Sheena made a mistake by trusting her very own mother? I guess not. She didn’t, we don’t and we won’t. Although a little black monster keep nagging within us, “He might hurt you”, ” Stay away from THAT, THEM and ALL”. So we end up sitting with this black monster named FEAR whom we feed with our own uncertainty and doubtfulness.

The principal reason of our reluctance is that people have associated the word ‘trust’ with crime and our very own ‘revolutionary’ serials, ‘Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India’ have unpleasantly contributed to it. The seed of trepidation is sown so deep within that there is constant uncertainty looming over us. The disappointing relationships, goofed up ego, beautiful facade, love gone wrong, robbery, murder, suicide, rapes, acid attacks, have a bitter and abusive effect on the viewers. There is no belongingness and fear of being betrayed tickers all day long. As a girl, when she walks alone, she fear that someone might come and stole her virtue from her, as a student he’s unsure of his capabilities, as a lover she is unsure of her partner being trustworthy or not, as a boy he is afraid of raising his voice in the fear of losing his life. All the time either we are doubting someone around or ourselves. Sometimes we ever fearing the right, trust the wrong.

So, has the word ‘trust’ lost its meaning in this speedy world? It cannot and should not.

The constant warnings from these serials have laid the foundation of alertness, while our mind remains a wanderer. It hesitates to go further but comes back to the same spot bereft of certain decision. All we need is to have FAITH, to believe in ourselves and others too sometime. Not everyone has an inclination to hurt, not everyone is born to harm. Just start dogging on the ways of people, because life has different synonyms for everyone and you need to fins your own. Don’t let the fear of being less or being betrayed, overpower your senses of judgments.

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Gauri Bhardwaj

Gauri Bhardwaj (MCM College 36)

According to me, a person without the hunger for knowledge requires to have a new birth. I simply believe in four beautiful words, ‘Humility’, ‘Positivity’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Knowledge’.


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