Salman Khan’s song ‘Selfish’ is making us go bonkers, Isn’t It?


Race 3’s new song “Selfish” is a perfect blend of ‘hinglish’ by an actor, who loves to rip his t-shirts just to show his biceps from the past 2 decades. Though personally I am not a fan of his acting, but let this article be a review on his lyrical skills. So in a population of 1.2 billion, our cinema loves to destroy creative skills be it acting, music talent or any other artistic endeavor. With having no film to represent us globally, our industry loves to sell the prevailing concept of love. This can be seen on the profound chorus which might have taken years of hard work and practice for him to pen down – So Ik baar baby selfish hoke apne liye jiyo naa.” I hope he too would have been selfish to just remain in the acting endeavor with barely knowing a few expressions and blurting out useless dialogues.

Our industry is not an industry, but should change its name to a colony, obsessed with love. With the dislike of people growing against Salman khan, for trying his luck with a pathetic voice and now a lyricist in music , people have given him the role of a male version Dhinkchik Pooja. Another verse penned down can make no match for the intensity of love I personally feel as a musician – Chehre pe aapke muskaan hai, Phir aankhon mein kyun hai name, Khush toh bahut hain, Phir bhi na jaane kyun, Thodi si hai kami.” My eyes glitter with tears of hope by reading such depth filled lyrics. I can now understand from the perspective of “Bhai” how tough it is in the journey of music to make a name for one-self. Seeing the recent trend I penned down some steps in my journal to become successful in my music dreams.

Step 1:– I must work on my acting skills first, perfecting the topic of love.

Step 2:– Must block every other emotion, and solely dedicate my life to find love, since according to our industry no other pursuit in life is meaningful.

Step 3:- This is the easy one; I would not have to struggle since I am obsessed with love in Mumbai. Directors would see my so called passion for love.

Step 4:– I get signed up with the acting business, eat up 400-500 Cr of the masses, because of their foolishness.

Step 5:- My attitude should be –“Bhai acting hoogayi ab bhai, bhai ka path pe chalega.” I knock on the door of the so called music producers.

Step 6:– I sit in the studio, boom I pen down some version of the so called prevalent Indian language at that time. I am successful.

A hopeful thing is that Race 3 is walking down the path of a flop. People are being aware thanks to the internet that, what good quality content is. The change starts with us. Boycotting Bollywood is the first real step we can take towards a country where the deserving takes the ranks. Sexism is filled in this country thanks to our cinema. The first step is to distinguish the music industry from the video industry. People are making songs for films and everyone is becoming a musician these days, sadly because the only songs we produce are item songs to which we dance for 5-6 years. We don’t know the concept of auto-tune on which the new called lyricist relied for his own song “hero”. I hope to hear your review on this new song, provided you invest your valuable time. I sadly had to. Please do follow the steps as this is a guaranteed short term road to success.

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