Running for a Pawsitive Cause- Run For The Dogs 2018


Sunday morning brought with itself relentless rains to the city beautiful, but that failed to dampen the spirit of those determined to pull their socks up and run for a cause they believed in. Run For The Dogs 2018, organized by MadCappers – a student-run event management company –  was held at Sukhna Lake on 22nd July.

Amidst the light drizzle, were a couple dozen individuals performing warm up exercises under the expert supervision of the running group Sketchers, and trainers from Ozi Gym and Spa. They, along with Mukut Hospital had joined hands with the organizers to take part in the event.  An eclectic mix of people turned up for the run– from young teens to spritely middle-aged men and women, everyone could be seen pumping themselves up for the 4-km run that was to be performed at the jogging track of the lake itself. After a bout of warmup, which included several stretching exercises, jogging in place, etc. the run commenced, to the backdrop of hoots of encouragement and heavy cheering.

By the time it finished, the runners were soaking wet and exhausted, but that couldn’t hide the grins on their faces. They then had a cool-down session and proceeded to munch on refreshments and regain some energy with cans of Redbull distributed to all participants. The prize distribution ceremony was held thereafter, where the winners were awarded trophies and cash prizes of Rs. 1100 along with free vouchers and goodie bags. The winner of the run was Rahul Kumar, while finishing in second and third were Ajay Kumar and Pintu respectively.

The location of the event was chosen by the organizers with something specific kept in mind; Sukhna Lake is one of the only places in the city where pet dogs aren’t welcome – but stray dogs are. Since the run was held for the benefit of everyone’s favorite furry friends, this seemed to be the most appropriate place to spread the message that stray dogs require our care too.

The organizers assured that with help from various NGOs and other organizations, they’d work towards the welfare of dogs. “Our team will be fully involved at each step, so as to ensure transparency in handling the money that has been raised. We will soon run the campaign and share everything on our page,” they said.

The enthusiasm of the runners was laudable, prompting consensus that the event was a success, despite the pouring rain. “Even after heavy downpour, people showed up on a Sunday morning and helped us raise funds for dogs. If that’s not compassion, then what is?” said Shivani Goel from MadCappers. “We got a stupendous response from the crowd, and we salute their efforts and spirit. Even our partners, like Mukut Hospital proved that it was full of people who’re not just compassionate towards other people, but dogs as well. I hope people show our four-legged friends the same love for future events as well.”  

“I am used to running for 15 odd kilometres at a stretch, but I had to abandon it after the 1-km mark, due to lack of visibility,” laughed participant Sahiba Joshi, a student of MCM, while pointing towards a pair of spectacles clutched in her hands. “It was nevertheless a great experience! The run is for such a good cause and I loved being a part of it.”

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