Run for communal harmony #TARANG 2015


AIESEC Chandigarh celebrated a social responsibility week, TARANG 2015 by organizing a Marathon for ‘Communal Harmony’ on 29th November, 2015 at the Sukhna Lake. The Marathon kicked off at 7 a.m. with around 170 people, who very enthusiastically joined this run. The main objective for this Marathon was to promote unity within the society and make people aware of their responsibilities. To boost up the event, amazing prizes for the winners were there by Decathlon and Jugnoo.

It’s a run for communal Harmony because of the simple fact that there has been a lot of unrest going on in our country, so to promote unity and theme of communal harmony we got this idea of keeping a Marathon”, said Romika ,a member of the organizing committee of TARANG 2015. AIESEC wanted that people from all aspects should run together and support the theme in order to promote peace and stability in our country.

They said, “Marathon is the best way to bring people together because when you tell them to run you promote unity along with it. You’re not just supporting the cause; you’re also promoting their health and also uniting them together, so we believe that the idea of a marathon can really help us achieve our goal.

We wanted to bring a social front of AIESEC in notice and promote the social causes that we think are relevant. We want to benefit the society and that can really not happen without the support of the youth. Unless or until we are the change which we want to see in this community, the change won’t happen” said Pratibha Rana, member of AIESEC.


The event turned out to be a huge success as people readily joined hands for the cause. The main aim for this marathon was to bring people together which was accomplished by the organizing team in a very efficient manner. They managed to kill two birds with one stone which was a very smart way to spread the awareness.

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