‘Ruksat 2017’– A Parting Well Made

After the Commerce and Management Department bid adieu to the outgoing batch (read the report here), the Arts Department of GGDSD College organised ‘Ruksat 2017’ to bid farewell to all the final year students of the department on April 28, 2017.
The event witnessed a slow start as most of the students showed up way past the apportioned time. The shindig began with an opening oration by the anchors, which was followed by a floral welcome to the principal and other dignitaries.
The first and second year students of the department swayed the audience with multifarious cultural performances. A comedy act tickled the funny bone of the entire audience, while a couple of recitals of self-composed poems left them in tears. A mesmerising dance performance, and an interactive session with the departing students ensued.
The outgoing batch wasn’t the one to lag behind, as many students from the final year took over the stage multiple times. From singing soulful melodies to boisterous anchoring, they did it all.
Their time to shine came yet again when it was time for a glitzy modelling round. The contestants battled it out on the stage amongst endless cheering from the crowd. They were posed with a myriad of questions, and were judged on the basis of their answers. Anmolpreet Singh emerged as ‘Mr Rukhsat’, while Anand Priya was crowned ‘Miss Ruksat’. The first runners up prizes were bagged by Gurinderjit and Kibriya, while Jaspal and Priyanka were announced as the second runners up.
Various other titles were also awarded to different students from the 2014-2017 batch. Anmolpreet Singh and Anand Priya enjoyed the taste of victory once more, as they were awarded ‘Mr Popular‘ and ‘Miss Popular‘, respectively. ‘Mr Charismatic‘ went to Bhavdeep Romana, while ‘Miss Charismatic’ was given to Kibriya. The last title, ‘Mr Dramatic’, was awarded to Haardik Gabbi.
bA video with pictures of the students of the outgoing batch relishing various activities was played as a final tribute to them. And yet another one with unfeigned messages and blessings from various professors of the department was also played.
The students were trying to overcome the jitters given by the afore played videos, when a heartfelt speech from the Dean of Arts, Miss Manpinder left them teary eyed. A recognition to all the Organising Committee members for their endless perspiration marked the end of the formal function.
An atmosphere of general nostalgia and melancholy surrounding the farewell prevailed. The students were clearly dismayed at this goodbye, yet hopeful for their future.
cIn order to lighten the atmosphere, the audience was summoned to the dance floor, where a DJ was awaiting them. A legion of students congregated on the floor, and danced away to the latest tunes.
Never-ending photo sessions and animated dance moves were the highlight of the day. Hysterical bouts of laughter and infectious giggling could be heard all around. Everyone was clearly trying to make the most of the day, as it would soon become only a memory that they would reminisce  upon.
‘Ruksat 2017’ truly symbolised that the art of beginning might be great, but the art of ending is greater.

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Zenia Bhatia (SD College 32)

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