Rotaray Club of Chandigarh and Rotaract Club UIET Organises Blood Donation Camp at UIET

November 2nd , 2015
Rotaray Club of Chandigarh Rotaract Club UIET Organised Blood Donation Camp at UIET on behalf of Department of Transfusion Medicine , PGIMER from 9am to 4pm .Students turned up in large numbers from UIET and the various neighboring departments with more than 200 students registering for the event . The registered students first under went a minor Medical check up after which they proceeded to donate blood . The donors were given mementos and a certificate as appreciation for their kind act .
On talking to a few donors we found various interesting reasons for why people donate blood :
1. Because it’s a kind act . It makes them feel good about themselves.
2. So that they are able to help people who are in need
3. They feel it cleanses their body . And is a good way to refresh their systems.
4. They like collecting the Certificates
Whatever the reason may be , Donating blood is a very Noble act and we would like to congratulate all the Donors for their gesture .

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Palak Banta (BDS, PU Campus)

Palak Banta (BDS, PU Campus)

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