‘Rotaract Princess’: An Event Towards a Cause


A grand event ‘Rotaract Princess’ was organized by MCM Rotaract Club in MCM DAV College for Women, on September 19th, 2016. The event was organised for a noble cause of raising funds for the welfare of children, with the members of the club having adopted children from the slums and undertaking the heroic task of giving them vocational skills.

It opened with a beautiful dance by the children of ‘Prabh-Asra’, an organization for the well-being of children; while another great performance was given by the special children of ‘Sorem’. To add colors of mirth to the event, Harf Cheema, a great Punjabi singer claimed the hearts with his charm. It further proceeded with various eye-catching and bewitching performances of the foreign students from Nepal, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Another guest to accentuate the event with his gracious presence was Dr. Shubham Ratan.

Photo Credit: Pearl Sardana (MCM DAV 36)

Photo Credit: Pearl Sardana (MCM DAV 36)

The highlight of the event ‘Ramp Show’ came just after, where the damsels turned the aura into a completely mesmerizing one. And it did not stop here, the best part came when the kids from ‘Prabh Asra’ and ‘Sorem’ showed up with the models, walking the ramp with poise. Of all of it, Hitesha got the title of ‘Rotaract Princess‘ by enchanting everyone with her aplomb! A dance competition, organised to keep the spirit of the people at its best, saw the girls showcased their talents pretty well. In he same, classical-fusion dance won the prize and hearts of the judges‘, the alumni of the college. And if this was not enough, Rj Meenakshi from 94.3 Radio FM turned the day completely ebullient with her zeal and catchy voice.

Every second of the evening was loaded with ultimate fun. ‘Usool‘, a musical band was invited to set the stage on fire with their rocking performance; while they got great pleasing songs from all eras on stage!

The event also had an emotional side to it. A part of the event was also dedicated to the awareness on the issues of eye donation and cervical cancer. Along with that, working for the special children made everyone feel great. And, there was a deeply felt pleasure amongst the students, who worked towards the success of the event.

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