ROTARACT DAVC 10 Campaigns For Road Safety Awareness


Alert today, Alive tomorrow, was surely an event witnessed by DAVC College, sect-10, CHD, which made the youth aware about the laws of the roads. It started at around 11:30 in the audio- visual room, with the chief guest being Rtn. A.P. Singh (Rotary president) and the ‘Guest of Honor’ being Retd. Wing commander and current chief traffic marshal Charanjit Singh Grewal. The other dignitaries that gave their valuable presence were Rotary chairperson- Rtn. Neena, Rtn. Santosh gupta, Sub- inspector Rajpaul, Head Constables: Rajinder Singh, Bhupinder Singh and Rajeev. The event was associated with rotary club Chandigarh and Chd traffic police and was a tribute to Rtr. Ojas (DRS RID 3131) who died in a road accident.

The event began with the Chief guest sharing his valuable insight. She congratulated the authorities by saying- “It’s a commendable thing by Chandigarh police to go to different colleges and aware the youth. We must value the life of all people and have care and consideration for them. I feel very happy for this initiative.”

Next up, head constable; ‘Rajinder Singh’ showed various road rage videos(a very painful experience – said someone from the audience) and shared the stats of the accidents of our country. “1.5 lakh people die yearly on average. Do we really care about our own selves, how can a person who cannot take care of himself, can he take care of the nation. Approx 60% deaths are from the age group of 15-40. You as youth must always ask what should be your duty? Your duty is to give yourself a better life. How you are as a person is how the nation would be. We have to do the efforts. Only then can the nation move into a more progressive direction.” He then showed the audience a presentation on the various rules and regulations of the road.

The stage was now set up for some melodious songs on traffic. These were some self composed songs by head constable Bhupinder Singh. It surely lightened the mood of the people. Mr. Charanjit Singh Grewal was next invited so that people could learn from his vast reservoir of experience. He spoke about his experience and definitely gave some valuable insights to the youth of the country. Sharing with us – It definitely gives me immense hope to be part in such an awareness campaign. I would definitely want the young blood of the country to not die in useless rage road accidents. I would definitely give them a salute provided they do die on the border and be of value to their country.”


The panel members of Rotaract also shared their opinions with us; “Drive your way to home and make sure you reach home safely too”- ISD Rtr. Siddharth Gupta. “Accidents do not happen, they are caused. Even the naturefollows a systematic pattern then why can’t we humans.
Prepare and prevent, don’t repay and repent. Our safety lies in our own hands, Be safe. Drive safe”,  Vice President, Rtr Aaditya Dahiya.

“ Apne khaabon ko sakar bnao zindagi ko apna pyaar bnao mt kro ulanghan niyamo ka or dusro ki bhi jaan bachao”, vocational director Rtr Mokshi Arora

Simran, a girl from the audience was rocked to watch such accidents she said; Now I understand the importance of rules. It really gives me chills to see how careless are the youth in regard to their life and the lives of others. It becomes very important to engrave the rule book in our hearts”

The event was concluded with a vote of thanks being given by Dr.Purnima Sehgal (teacher in charge). In all, it was an eye opener for us (the youth) who often ignore the basics of life and take risks on highways. We must work with such high intensity in our work life and not just the highways if we want our country to have a global stand.

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