Root For These 4 Perks Of Mooting


All the budding lawyers know that mooting is no child game, if done in its truest spirit this can be the most beneficial competition that you will ever participate in. And since its the mooting season in the law departments, here are some perks of mooting.

1) Damn Pro Feels
Okay so, you are given a case to argue upon in a real courtroom setting, the judge addresses you as ‘learned counsel’ and you address the judge as ‘your honour’ in that well-ironed uniform, while you answer those spontaneous questions; all of this already
seems like a pro, isn’t it?

2) Mannerism and Court Demeanour
You ought to address judges as ‘your honour’, you are not supposed to move your hands as it is considered disrespectful, and eh! you are supposed to show that you are obliged to receive a question from judge even if you are hurling abuses to him in your mind. What do you think it all is- innocence? Nah, court manners bud, court manners.

3) Confidence Building
Yes! This may appear as mainstream as ‘hard work is key to success’ quotes; but believe me, encounter with that and if you are blessed with a win- a very close brush with that aura and setting will enhance your confidence way too much. Reason being obvious that you would have already stepped into shoes of what you are eventually going to be, and 3 to 5 years down the lane you’ll be like- been there, done that!

4) Control over that Adrenal Rush
This is one crazy thing, especially if you happen to be short tempered creature. Must be wondering law-moot-adrenal? Okay, let me just tell you no matter how pissed off you are, no matter how difficult questions you are being asked, no matter your opponent
is quoting wrong judgment or even manipulating them, sometimes you have to maintain your calm. Sigh! Just say ‘much obliged your honour’ and wait for your turn to speak up in the rebuttals. Till then bury your anger and calm down your temper rushes!

After having read this, I hope ‘aapko bhi law lag gayi’ (wink)

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Bhavya Gupta (UILS, PU Campus)

Bhavya Gupta
(UILS, PU Campus)

A zealous, compassionate lass. Ardent believer of karma takes the revenge, I love to write my heart out!


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