Rohit Kwatra’s Introductory Seminar Mesmerizes GGDSD College


GGDSSD College, Chandigarh played host to Rohit Kwatra, an IIM Calcutta alumni, and an expert in soft skills who gave an introductory seminar at the jam- packed auditorium of the College on the significance of acquiring good communication skills in order to create a lasting impression on the minds of the interviewers, and ultimately getting the job of one’s choice. The introductory seminar was part of the Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) Program, wherein Kwatra teaches everything from making a good CV and Cover Letter, performing well in Group Discussions, having a professional email address to cracking any interview in 90 seconds by presenting a flawless introduction.

As an engineering student at PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, before pursuing his MBA, Kwatra used to be quite angry as a student owing to the compulsory attendance, and the fact that in India, students are groomed to learn specific subjects, thus, lacking a multi- dimensional personality. Moreover, the books that the students study are dry and fail to evoke the interest of the students towards the subject. Also, the class tests force students to compete with each other when they should ideally be competing with themselves and improve day by day. All these factors, Rohit said, have sucked the joy out of studies. So, he has now taken up the responsibility to make a subtle difference in the education system by imparting lectures on honing soft skills.

Highlighting the importance of soft skills, Mr. Rohit stated that soft skills are an ‘unintended byproduct of reading’ and through the LEAD program, he will conduct sessions to approach multi- dimensional books, and ultimately, provide students with ‘more friends’ through their readings. He urged students to read about thelives of Warren Buffet, the most successful investor of the 20th century, and Rose Blumkin, the owner of Nebraska Furniture Mart with a ‘rags to riches’ story. According to Rohit, our role models in life are of extreme importance, as they give the interviewers a peek into our lives.

Emphasizing the importance of a good introduction, Rohit then stated that companies check the value system, determination, attitude and resilience of the students, and if the applicant has good communication and inter- personal skills, he/she is likely to get the job merely by the introduction. He then stated that he would teach students the ‘Six Pillar Framework’ for delivering a flawless introduction in his subsequent 1

The students were mesmerized by the talk session by Mr. Rohit and were impressed by the ease with which he engaged the students in his seminar and made it interactive. The LEAD program will be conducted at GGDSD College from 2- 4 pm on 5th to 9th October. The registration fee per student is Rs. 600, but if 5 students register together, each student will then pay Rs. 500. In all probability, students will flock the workshops in large numbers to improve their soft skills and stand out from the



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