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‘So if you ask someone who knew me from earlier who Rohan Chatrath is , the first word that will probably come out of their mouthes is ‘Brat’ .  Okay , and maybe I did give them reasons to believe this .  But now I felt it was time to prove my self , to show everyone that their was more to me than , well , just being a ‘Brat’ . And what better place to start than my Alma mater ?’

Rohan Chatrath is a 4th year student from UIET , Panjab University. He has never been one to shy away from challenges . And he really did ‘nail’ his biggest challenge yet, organising the annual cultural and technical fest of UIET, Goonj 2016 as one of the main Conveners of the fest.

‘My friends and I were lucky enough to end up at the same college . So, college life’s been great. But apart from that I really have a strong sense of belonging to UIET .This is why , when I was chosen as the Convenor for Goonj this year, I really wanted to do something big for my college.’

He believes that UIET, like all the other departments of the South Campus is really sidelined by the authorities and the political parties alike ( until election time ). All the main fests and event go on in the Main campus . Hell , some people don’t even know that PU has a South Campus  .Rohan wanted to change this and give the South Campus the recognition is deserved by making Goonj a huge success. However, tapping sponsors proved to be a tough task as Goonj was not very popular among the students yet.

‘We decided to keep politics out of the whole thing as that just complicates things . We wanted to do it on our own .So we made an Organizing Committee and started working .We had a team of about 15 people. Different streams, Different kinds of People. In all, a very diverse Team. That is why, working together initially proved to be very difficult . We had communication gaps and misunderstandings and what not. But one thing we all had in common was a sense of duty towards the Department and the Fest and well, as you can see, things did work out in the end. 


Very Honestly , Goonj 2016 would not have been possible without all the Team Work that was put into it. The students are the real Stars here . They worked day and night to make the fest a success .

Sunil Kumar who was handling the operations and accounts and Abhinav Nayyar and Dennis Mehta in publicity did a remarkable job . The faculty too was very kind , specially , Dr. J.K. Goswamy . He stood by all of our decisions and was very supportive .

Yes we did receive Criticism and backlash by a few people. But then , when you do something this big , that’s bound to happen . I believe in the saying  ‘If people start talking behind your back, If not everything , you’re definitely doing something right!’ , So! 

I really want to Thank everybody who made Goonj possible . Without all these people the fest wouldn’t have been a success .’

Convener : Rohan Chatrath and Poras Thakur
Fest Coordinator: Dhirman Singh
Operation Head and Event Coordinator : Sunil Kumar
Marketing Head : Prakhar Arora
Publicity Head : Abhinav Nayyar and Dennis Mehta
Cultural Events Head : Akshay Sharma
Technical Events Head :Pulkit Mahajan and Akhilesh
Fun Events Head : Shivoy Malhotra
Fine arts Events Head : Diksha Singla
Literary Events Head : Himanshu Goel
Hospitality Head : Anubhav Gupta
Media Handler : Srikar
Stage Management : Bhavya Jain
Accounts Handler : Divya
Infrastructure Head : Vishal Verma

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