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If you ever meet someone who doesn’t talk much, but because of the same reason, looks either really cute or hands-down egoistic, trust that the person is an introvert! Now, before you make up your mind about them, let me tell you that they are low profile people, not anti-social. 
Keeping things to themselves is their way, mate. They are more of those who never get the shell down. They talk to themselves and get out of any given (read ‘disturbing’) situation, which might even take months because of their habit of not sharing their thoughts. But then, isn’t that their choice?
“She was born an introvert!” is an excuse that comes handy, when your relatives make you speak to ‘dur-ke-rishtedar‘ and you simply refuse to oblige. But then, not every introvert is one by nature. What if the writer tells you, that she became an introvert and it was all situational? Listening of various cases of rapes, domestic violence, abduction and all other kinds of crime against women, she started hating males, including those in her family as well. She was even scared, just that nobody knew. It took the writer months to convince herself, that not everybody is bad and that people succumb to bad situations. She realized, that they all need help at some point of time.

Introverts are well, introverts. They have a lot of crazy fantasies, such as falling in love with a super-human and not realizing it, until either their super-human love is insulted or a close friend gets in love with their person (or super-person instead). But, even when they realize it, they don’t tell anyone about it. 
You might even see an introvert out there talking to trees, flowers and insects.They keep imagining stuff, a lot more and enjoy with their own selves. (Jealous!) They have their own small world, with a lot of imagination. Their thoughts usually don’t come out, unless the person possessing it feels the urgency to express. And that, mates, zero in onto the best job that an introvert can do, and that’s to observe. They have a closer touch to everything that they see around. And even when they have an extraordinary thought going on their mind, it is generally not shared. Just confidential, you know.

Yes, Introverts don’t open up easily. They talk, the talk real less. People might even think that they are being ignored by them, but it’s not. They are not unwelcoming or rude. They are even not ‘khadoos’, as some would call them. They just enjoy being in their own company, and they love their own selves more than anyone can imagine.

Please, they don’t need sympathy! They are not pitiful. They run away from interactions, because they are worried that others might steal their idea, or totally make fun of it. (sarcasm

Introverts are not pro-active or even active externally. They just smile, when they are enjoying. Please don’t expect anything else. They might look sad or depressed, when not smiling, but they might just be enjoying their make-believe world. Then again, when they smile, they smile as if there is no tomorrow and their smile melts all those hard core faces. In simple words, their smile does a lot of magic, which might even force someone to write a love letter to them.

Coming to the point, an individual can be either of the two, an introvert or an extrovert, or in fact, both. It’s the person who has to see, which trait is more dominant in him/her. As for the writer, she is an extrovert on the outside for most of the hours, but an innocent introvert for a few chosen hours of the day.

They have their own swagger. They rock life inside the box, in our own way. They are ‘the introverts’!

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Ridha Dhawan (MCM College 36)

Ambivert. Alien. Sometimes bold. Sometimes cute. In love with books, coffee and nature. The girly tom-boy, exploring her potential.


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