Seminar on representations of caste,gender and religion in Indian writings


The department of English and Cultural studies organised a two day seminar on ‘Representations of Caste,Gender and Religion in Indian writings’ in the auditorium of Evening Studies . Professors and social activists from the different corners of the country marked their presence and enlightened the minds of audience. Dr.Atamjit Singh, Dr. Pankaj k.Singh, Arundhati Subramaniam , Vijaya Ramaswamy,Neha Soi and others were the speakers whereas the event coordinator was Professor Rumina Sethi from the department of English .

The seminar focussed on gender stereotyping and caste and religion issues all over the country. Jaat agitation and the JNU issue provided the background to the seminar .
The seminar proved beneficial to all the listeners and ended on a positive note.

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