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Are you tired of your lonely existence? Have you been single for so long that you need comfort? Do you wish to show your friends and family that you can land a beautiful chick? All your problems have the simple solution! Like all the other times, it seems like China and Japan have been the developer of the one solution to your millions of problems!
Now you don’t have to think about going outside alone to party or eat dinner. The days where you brooded over couples and cried yourself to sleep because of the lack of female interaction in your life are over. With the help of the various apps and rental services coming into being, now you can rent a girlfriend for the price as low as Rs. 10 for 20 minutes. How accurate the price figure depends upon the kind of girl you want should pretend to be your girlfriend and where exactly are choosing her from.
My fellow Indian men, you might be disappointed as these services haven’t quite reached the Indian subcontinent yet. But don’t you worry, like all Chinese goods and products; it’s just a matter of time when even their practices influence us.
A place in South China’ Guangdong Province has a shopping complex that goes by the name of “The Vitality City in Heyuan City.” This particular shopping complex has a store that has a number of young girls who stand like a podium in the store. Quite similar to brothels and strip clubs in Western lands except for the catch with rent a girlfriend is sexual intimacy is not a part of the rental. Most of the young girls engaging in this profession are doing it because of the extra income it brings them on the side. It can be considered as a trending part-time job offer for the females in certain Asian countries.
In an exclusive interview conducted by the Asian Boss crew with one of the girls who works for an app that hires girls to be rented as girlfriends by the hour, it was revealed that they have full obligations to turn down the offer if they wish to do so.  Mostly, the girls merely have to entertain the man that rents them by either having meals with them or going on other menial dates.
On a particular application called ‘Hire me Plz,’ people can rent out a boyfriend (yes, ladies, everything is possible) and girlfriend according to their preferences. Most of these apps even ask you about your preferred types, whether you like them skinny or curvy, their height standards etc. etc. However, the most shocking discovery was that the traffic in these sites is multifold during the time of New Years where everyone has to rush back home to their families. Around this time, most people hire a girlfriend or boyfriend to take home to their parents, probably in an attempt to get them off their back for continuous persistence about marriage.
Hire Me Plz was launched in 2015 and it has now garnered a user base of 700,000 and 1.7 million followers of Tencent’s WeChat. Though the rental business is fairly new in China and must not be confused with prostitution, it is still a booming business with more than five apps already in place for the same. There are no such laws yet in China regulating the rental services.
The cost of renting a girlfriend is relatively low, depending upon the time you wish to spend with them and what activities you want them to do. It can cost anywhere between 1 yuan ($0.16 USD) to 1,999 yuan ($315 USD) per hour for services that range from eating meals to talking and playing games. Women who travel from far off places to meet with the clients charge more for the travelling expenses.
However, China is not the only country indulging in these activities. Other Asian countries like Vietnam, Japan, Thailand and some foreign nations have rent-a-girlfriend services as well.
The practice, however, is deeply inspired by the Japanese practices of host clubs and rental practices. Japan is said to have a bustling market when it comes down to host clubs. Now, what exactly are these clubs? Feature handsome young and women, these clubs mainly provide their customers with a chance to select their favourite man or woman for the night and remain in their company to have fun and be entertained. Special services depend from host to host; they can reject their clients without any harm.
With all these practices coming into existence, it really makes us wonder why we are so afraid of being alone that we seek the company of others even if we have to pay for it. While many people have criticized the morality of host clubs and rent a girlfriend service, the people who indulge in these practices are simply going up in number. Even rich men and women prefer to spend their nights or free times in the company of complete strangers who they have paid to be their lovers.
Whether this is the sad reality of life or a mere whim of people to spend their extra cash can never be known completely.

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