Rendezvous with Destiny


It was midnight of 14-15 August 1947, when India had a rendezvous with her destiny after a long struggle and tyranny. As Jawaharlal Nehru verbalized, ‘at the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. This moment comes rare in history, when we step out from the old to new, when an age ends and when the soul of nation , long suppressed finds utterance.’ This is about a country which is world itself, a motherland nurturing number of lives, an idol inspiring whole universe and a treasure of bravery, intellect, knowledge, spiritualism, civilization, literature, moral system, glorious history and heritage. The serene beauty of snow covered Himalayas adds to the glory of north. The seven sisters in the east is a treasure hunt of flower valleys, forestry and of course tea gardens. In the west, remains of civilization and remarkable architecture make our head held high and the splashing shores of sea in south marks the enrichment and the boundless limits of India.

Today when we talk about Independence Day or its celebration, everything gets circumscribed to just one day i.e. 15 August, for some it’s a holiday, for hostler’s it’s a long weekend, for shopaholics it’s a day of grand sale, for set max it is a day to play Tiranga in place of Sooryavansham and so the other channels screen all patriotic films, as if patriotism could be filled in Indians in a single day. The T.V Channels have great celebration programs with jingoistic playlist, others run long documentaries, FM Radios have a list of chauvinistic songs to play, there are celebrations in schools, colleges, districts, states and of course at the Red Fort,the Prime Minister hoists the national flag ,followed by his long speech and so much .But,wait a minute! Don’t you think we are missing something in all these affairs…..something which is very important? Something which is essence of the day? What is that?

We all are aware about the long freedom struggle, the nationalist movements, the battles, the innocent killingand the numerous other sacrifices that succeeded to give us this precious gift of INDEPENDENCE. The freedom is difficult to earn but easy to lose. The Independence Day reminds us that what we have got as a succession from our ancestors needs to be preserved as a golden treasure. We cannot deny the fact that on the eve of 15 August every Indian with water in eyes and pride in heart, remembers the eternal sacrifices of chivalric and defiant martyrs and enjoys the ecstatic moment of unfurling of our national flag, but, at same time we cannot deny the very next day we forget everything, the flags are littered on the road and are collected by the municipal sweeper, thrown in the trash, burned and this is how our independence day ends.

On this auspicious day we need to take the cognizance of the recent events that are threat to the sovereignty of our country. The Kashmir Distress, the killing of innocent people and youth who wants to raise their voice against wrong, the draconian rules like Armed Forces Special Powers Act and its operation, increasing militancy, intolerance and resentment, farmers committing suicide, the mucky politics even on sensitive issues, describing revolutionaries as terrorists, increasing crime rate and decreasing rate of conviction. All these events shake the conscience of an Indian, but the truth is that we are the procrastinators, who do not believe to take initiative and rely on others to initiate , hence the situation is worsening day by day.

We need to realize we do not have to celebrate independence for just one day, but each day we have to work to retain it. Every day we need to introspect that what valuable we can do for our country even if it is so small. We can teach a child, clean our surroundings, and help a person who just met with an accident, stop bribing the traffic police, thinking above racism and religion. In this way we could probably be working for the prosperity and well-being of our country India.

At the end I would like to quote Max Mueller, the German Scholar, “if I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts has most pondered over the greatest problems of life and has found solution for some of them I should point to India.” So, let’s make it true.


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Kushaldeep Kaur (B.Com LLB, UILS)

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